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The DAPREX/400 Purchasing System provides real-time on-line access to rapidly changing purchasing information. The system has been designed to offer the purchasing agent tremendous flexibility in the types and methods of information retrieval inherent to the purchasing function. The purchasing agent has instant access to all order and receipt data and the ability to access this information by P.O number, Vendor, Product, Agent, Date, etc.

A comprehensive Requisition sub-system permits the purchasing function to be decentralized by allowing users to enter and inquire on their own orders. This gives the users the power to control their own ordering environment, and allows the purchasing agent to focus less on routine questions and more on competitive pricing and ordering techniques.

The Purchasing system is fully integrated with the other DAPREX Systems.


  • Multi-corporate, multi-warehouse capability
  • Automatic retrieval of last cost and purchasing unit of measure data
  • Purchasing and receiving history maintained by vendor and by product
  • Critical stocking reporting
  • Departmental requisition sub-system
  • User-defined supervisory level controls
  • Fully integrated with the DAPREX/400 Inventory, Accounts Payable and General Ledger systems


  • System-assigned PO numbers - a set for all or individual corporations
  • Optional use of vendor’s product # on purchase order
  • Ability to order non-inventory items
  • Standard PO text and variable comments
  • Standard PO charges
  • Ability to link customer orders to POs to expedite receipt processing
  • Variable purchasing and pricing units of measure
  • Exception basis receipts processing reduces keying time
  • Multiple receipts against one PO
  • Backorder and cancel processing for unshipped items
  • Adjustable costing at receipt time
  • Direct update to on-hand quantities and average cost
  • Optional Accounts Payable interface
  • Purchasing history inquiry on open, closed, and in progress POs
  • PO historical analysis inquiries - 24 months
  • On-line costing history by product and vendor
  • Requisition sub-system
  • Tracks inventory and purchase requisitions
  • Departmentalized requisition entry
  • Departmental profile of products most commonly ordered
  • High speed entry based on departmental product profile
  • Requisition status inquiry
  • G/L expense posting of inventory requisitions


  • Purchase Order forms
  • Open purchases - by product or vendor
  • Purchase Order History Report
  • Overdue Purchase Orders
  • Outstanding Receipts
  • P.O. receiving edit
  • Product Tracking
  • Purchase history by vendor
  • Cost change tracking
  • Critical stocking level reporting
  • Departmental requisition status
  • PO historical analysis reporting by product, vendor, warehouse, product category and agent

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing:

"Purchasing" is part of the AS/400 and iSeries Financial Applications line of products, developed by DAPREX.