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As the size and complexity of your payroll increases, the DAPREX/400 Payroll System offers a flexible, more efficient means of managing that larger and ever changing body of information. The accurate and timely entry of payroll data automatically generates a comprehensive set of federal, state, and local tax reports while creating a wealth of data for internal analysis. User defined fields, questions and dates supply the means to customize the system without costly modifications. At the same time, the IBM Security system provides the utmost confidentiality for this information.

Extensive on-line screen inquiries offer immediate access to up-to-date employee information including QTD and YTD earnings, deductions & benefits, Check History, and Earnings & Deductions analysis.


  • Increases the speed and accuracy of payroll processing
  • Insures accurate tax reporting
  • Automates federal and state reporting via magnetic media
  • Flexible benefits processing via Section 125 Plan
  • Tracks all employer-paid benefits
  • Allocation of employee benefits to departments worked
  • Calculates and posts end of month payroll accruals to G/L
  • Optional posting of depository and payroll liabilities to A/P for immediate payment
  • Unemployment expense calculation & allocation by pay period
  • Optional time clock and/or employee calendar interfaces
  • Provides corporate, location and departmental reporting
  • Maintains detailed employee payroll history
  • Electronic direct deposit with split amount capability
  • 999 user-defined fields, questions and dates
  • Check reconciliation
  • Fully integrated with the DAPREX G/L, A/P, ACTFast & Timeclock systems.


  • Unlimited earning and deduction types
  • Deduction frequency & scheduling
  • Location and departmental earning and deduction profiles
  • Dollar, percentage, hourly and additional amount deductions
  • Standard earning, deduction, amounts or percentages
  • Declining and increasing balance deductions
  • 401K and 403B plans with optional employer match
  • Section 125 administration - pretax deduction & reimbursement
  • Holiday, vacation, personal and sick accrual tracking
  • Labor distribution by location, department, job class and/or employee
  • Standard or variable employee wage allocation to the G/L
  • Single or multiple accounts for direct deposit processing
  • Rate change module
  • Job cost tracking
  • Powerful data entry program
  • Automatic feed of employee data w/optional standard hours calculation
  • Interface with DAPREX Time Clock/400 for hourly employees
  • Direct time card data entry via high speed entry
  • Optional capture of employee calendar data
  • Variable hours/wages allocation by department and/or job
  • Accrual balance checking
  • On-line verification of all entries
  • Multiple checks per pay period for an employee
  • Manual check calculation & entry
  • Automatic reversal of voided checks
  • Comprehensive inquiries
  • Quarter & YTD earnings, deductions, & benefits by employee, department, location & corporation
  • Employee earning and deduction ledger
  • Employee check history
  • Employee gross earnings summary
  • Accrual projections


  • Time cards and labels
  • Payroll worksheet
  • General and detail employee master lists
  • Checks, direct deposit statements, & check registers
  • Weekly earning and deduction reports
  • Labor distribution and wage allocation
  • 401K/403B contribution report
  • Tax liability reports
  • Payroll summary for each pay period
  • Accrual reporting for user-designated earnings types
  • Federal, state and local tax reporting
  • 941, 1099’s, & W-2 forms preparation
  • Quarterly earnings summary
  • Unemployment reporting – multi-year capability
  • Workmen’s compensation earning reports
  • Section 125 status statements
  • Employee ledger history
  • Employee salary history
  • Report Writer

Other Applications

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"Payroll" is part of the AS/400 and iSeries Financial Applications line of products, developed by DAPREX.