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The DAPREX/400 Inventory System provides real-time on-line access to vital inventory information. Both single and multiple warehouse operations can benefit from the system’s extensive inquiries, supplying product availability, costing, and sales data at each location. For the multi-warehouse installation, data entry for products is kept to a minimum using a warehouse build utility that allows for automatic duplication of product data and cloning of warehouse information. A system profile enables unique tailoring for special environments. Specialized versions deal with products requiring lot tracking.

A comprehensive Physical Inventory sub-system permits complete or selective physical counts to be performed without disrupting daily operations, while still providing accurate period ending figures. Complete integration with the other DAPREX applications insures timely and accurate recording of inventory transactions.


  • Multi-corp., multi-warehouse capability
  • An accurate picture of current inventory status includes on-hand, available to sell, and on-order quantities at each warehouse
  • Fifteen position alpha-numeric product number
  • UPC code or alternate item number
  • Unreleased status for items awaiting inspection or approval.
  • 12 month movement history to spot selling trends and project inventory needs
  • Fully integrated with the DAPREX/400 Order Entry and Billing, Purchasing, and Internal Note systems.


  • Multiple unit of measure capability for pricing, purchasing, sales and inventory reporting
  • Optional update of average cost from receipts/transfers/adjustments
  • Automated inventory receipts and adjustments
  • Inter-warehouse transfers which may be initiated and closed from either the ending or receiving warehouse with tracking of exception inventory
  • Instantaneous recalculation of average cost
  • Inventory transaction history for all receipts, sales and adjustments
  • Intra-warehouse transfers of merchandise from one location to another
  • Access to current inventory data via on-line stock status inquiry
  • Stock inquiry showing on-hand, available, customer order, and on PO quantities
  • Average cost and inventory value
  • 12 month usage history
  • Physical inventory sub-system
  • Ability to perform selective physical inventories
  • Standard unit of measure count entry, (i.e. cases), as well as each
  • Provides reconciliation between physical count and perpetual quantities
  • Updates perpetual quantity and value


  • Stock status
  • Stock availability
  • Inventory valuation
  • Receipts, adjustments and transfer summary
  • Physical inventory count sheets and/or tickets by corporation, warehouse, category, product#, vendor, or warehouse location
  • Inventory variance reporting
  • 12 month sales history
  • Inventory projection report

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the AS/400 and iSeries Financial Applications line of products, developed by DAPREX.