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The G/L Report Writer’s flexible framework lets you design up to 999 formats for financial reporting. Existing G/L skeletons and financial analyses are used in conjunction with the report writer formats, providing ultimate flexibility. Any combination of historical, current, budget and forecast data can be created in a single report format using 10 user-defined columns. Choose the accounting period ranges on which to report and analyze data using result columns. Combine these functions with the consolidation and report suite capabilities of the system and generate your organization’s comprehensive financial reporting with a single keystroke.


  • 999 report format definitions
  • Use in with any of the 999 user-defined skeletons and financial analyses
  • Multi-level reporting
  • Detail and summary versions
  • Generate individual and/or consolidated entity versions using one report format
  • Suite reporting


  • Up to 10 user-defined columns per report format
  • Create your own column headings
  • Define data and result columns
  • Indicate data type: actual, budget or forecast
  • Combine actual and budget, actual and forecast, or budget and forecast in any column
  • Select the desired accounting period range for each data type
  • Designate specific entity(s) for each column
  • Create result columns as sums, variances, percentages
  • Show variances as dollars or percentages
  • Contract-to-date reporting
  • Automate report generation using suites
  • Predefine entity selections
  • Indicate report level and consolidation options
  • Assign individual report headings

Other Applications

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"G/L Advanced Report Writer" is part of the AS/400 and iSeries Financial Applications line of products, developed by DAPREX.