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DAPREX was founded in 1975 to meet the software needs of the small to medium-sized business and the non-profit organization. DAPREX’s carefully selected and highly trained programmer analysts and support personnel are employed on a full-time basis. Our average analyst has fifteen years of data processing experience. In addition, several of the analysts have extensive business backgrounds in a variety of industries. Each analyst is qualified to function independently in providing our clients with in-depth analyses of their business needs, hardware configuration and software design to meet those needs, and the technical skills to implement the solutions.

DAPREX provides each of our clients with one of its analysts as Project Leader. It is the project leader’s function to coordinate the efforts of other DAPREX personnel involved in the project, handle requests for program changes, monitor project status, and provide the client with a single, responsible interface. DAPREX suggests that its clients assign an individual to function in a liaison capacity between the company’s various users and the project leader.

DAPREX has installed over two hundred System 3Xs and AS/400s. In addition we have taken over support of many existing installations. We work closely with IBM marketing representatives and support personnel and have developed an excellent working relationship with IBM as well as with our clients. We coordinate many of our activities with IBM through our qualification as an IBM Business Partner.

DAPREX has developed state-of-the-art packages in the accounting arena: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll; as well as distribution packages for various industries. Our applications have found a warm welcome in the non-profit as well as corporate environment. Based on our business experience, knowledge of available software, and the specific requirements of our clients, we are able to provide the appropriate mix of custom-designed and packaged software.

DAPREX has the personnel, the experience, the skills, and the professional savvy to give its clients the best service, the best production, and the best support.

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