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Dance Finance

A multi-module management system designed by Dance Finance for commercial & service companies.
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Dance Finance is your complete financial solution to aid in the everyday operation of your dance studio. This product was designed to eliminate the time consuming activities that keep your instructors out of the studio. The options featured within this software package can handle all the needs of a dance studio that competes in regular competitions. Additionally, this product can produce incredibly deep and informative reports to help you analyze the performance of your studio.


The Billing application of Dance Finance allows you to construct invoices for lessons, and collect on money owed. You are able to integrate payments with a credit card merchant account. You are able to set up recurring invoices or credit card debits; and perform billing by the semester. Payments of bills can be applied to siblings of the same family by creating sibling accounts. You can assign default prices for recurring transactions, and setup an unlimited number of charge types.


This add-on module gives you everything you need to track studio expenses and compile profit/loss reports.

Student Maintenance

You are able to store student information (name, address, parents, siblings, allergies, insurance, emergency contacts, etc.) for access at any point in time. An attendance tracking feature allows you to easily track attendance electronically. Additionally, you can print off class roll sheets. To improve communication you can setup bulk email accounts, and email every one of your students at once. Furthermore, you can maintain rosters of everything from classes to performance teams; and manage all your recital commitments.

Vendor Maintenance

The Vendor Maintenance application allows you to manage all of your vendors, and aids in making the ordering process more efficient. The vendor product lists comes with:

  • Pre-loaded Costume Vendor size charts.
  • System Recommended Sizing (this feature compares your student’s measurements to the Vendor’s Size Charts to make recommendations on student sizing.
  • Automatic Order generation
  • Automatic student billing - will automatically invoice students for costumes and allow for markup if necessary.
  • Receiving Checklist - will print off receiving list to be used to validate your received shipment

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