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Dance Finance

A developer of business management software.

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Dance Finance was founded by a couple, with over 30 years combined experience in software development, design and implementation, who just happen to love the art form of dance.

Through the years, we worked with multiple dance studios to assist them with their day to day technical needs on dance software systems that were less than adequate. This challenged us to find a way to get the studios back office systems more productive and efficient.

Unable to find anything on the market to meet all of our requirements, we decided to design something new. After all, with over 30 years expertise, we knew we were up for the task! We did extensive research with Dance studios in the Atlanta area to determine what features they wanted most in a back office software product. Then we set out to create:

  • A product that would provide all of the requested features, but none of the hassle.
  • A product that would eliminate all of the time consuming activity that kept the instructors out of the classroom.
  • A product with unique options to handle the needs of a studio which regularly participates in the competition circuit but at the same time handles all of the usual studio tasks.
  • A product with vast reports to analyze revenue, student data, etc.
  • A product that could grow with your business.

Product Lines

  • Dance Finance

    A multi-module management system designed by Dance Finance for commercial & service companies.

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