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CYMA Inventory Control

CYMA Inventory Control is a flexible, general purpose, perpetual inventory accounting system. Inventory Control fully integrates with the CYMA General Ledger, Purchasing, Job Costing, and Sales Order modules. The Inventory Control system provides easy-to-use inventory accounting functionality to a wide variety of mid-sized businesses.

Inventory Control is designed to integrate with the Sales Order and Purchase Order modules, but can also be used in a stand-alone environment.

CYMA Inventory Control Benefits

  • Integrated Bill-Of-Materials
  • Advanced backorder processing system integrated across Inventory, Purchase Order and Sales Order modules
  • Custom units of measure help fit any organizational need
  • Attach an image, document, location, website address or any file to a Product
  • Expands as business grows: supports single or multiple warehouses
  • Convert units of measure to sell in another (ie purchase in yards, sell in feet)
  • Quickly update unit costs in the Bill-Of-Materials by range
  • Real time tracking of inventory movements - issues, receipts, lots, adjustments and transfers
  • Detailed Lot Tracking with options to track expiration date and user-defined additional data helps aid in product recall situations
  • Insure inventory integrity through multiple cycle count options and customizable inventory “low stock“ warning levels
  • Auto-Create Purchase Orders for low stock conditions and backorders
  • Use Sales Order and Purchase Order modules or Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules to update inventory. Can also be used in a stand-alone environment.

CYMA Inventory Control Features

  • Real time perpetual tracking of all inventory movements - Issues, Receipts, Adjustments and Transfers.
  • Forty-character product code, eight character warehouse codes
  • System supports three inventory costing methods - LIFO, FIFO and AVG
  • System supports customized units of measure - 20 types come with inventory
  • Apply Other Costs ”Landed Costs“
  • Unit of Measure Conversion - Purchase in one measurement, stock or sell in a different unit of measure or cost
  • System operates in either a single or multi-warehouse environment
  • Detailed Lot Tracking with shipping information, BOM integration and expiration date
  • Physical Count Adjustment system can reconcile quantity discrepancies between the system calculated quantities verses physically counted quantities
  • Physical Count Variance report shows both quantity and dollar variances
  • Update a Range of Bill of Materials Unit Costs
  • System will email alerts to buyers and sales representatives when purchased and/or backordered products have been received into inventory
  • Reusable serial numbers when returned to the vendor for repair and received back into inventory
  • Backorder receipt report attached to an email sent to the Sales Representative when posting an Inventory receipt
  • Single level Bill of Materials functionality integrated with module (not a separate price)
  • Bill of Materials can be fully costed - direct and applied overhead costs.
  • Bill of Materials entered and maintained by type - Engineering, Purchasing, QA and Manufacturing.
  • Bill of Materials ”What if“ gross margin calculation available prior to build.
  • Ability to Reverse a Build
  • Edit Bill of Material (BOM) builds at the time of build creation
  • Two methods of serialization available (40 characters max) - based upon:
    1. the product’s issue/shipment or
    2. inventory receipt and throughout.
  • Bill of Materials supports either serialization method.
  • Beginning Inventory Balances for LIFO or FIFO can be entered in a cost layer format.
  • Option to post/not post inventory transactions to the General Ledger.
  • Option to allow quantity on hand to go negative for inventory issues, shipments and BOM’s.
  • Option to allow inventory receipt of purchase order quantities in an amount greater than original quantity.
  • Option to assign sales, cost of sales and inventory GL accounts at the product or warehouse level
  • User-defined ABC product codes.
  • User-defined product/warehouse stocking levels for minimum, maximum and suggested reorder.
  • User defined Alternate Products by warehouse.
  • User defined Inventory Adjustment Codes to ensure inventory adjustment transactions are recorded accurately.
  • User-defined prime and secondary locations by warehouse.
  • Ability to prevent, after a certain date, products from being - purchased, sold or assembled.
  • Automatic costing and recording of inventory quantities based on Physical Inventory results.
  • Powerful cycle counting capability - by product, product range, serialized, etc.
  • Auto-Create Purchase Orders for low stock conditions
  • Notes Tab available from the Enter Builds Window
  • Alternate Pricing options available at the product/warehouse level
  • For companies using LIFO/FIFO costing: users can choose the exact cost layer transaction to receive a ”Cost“ adjustment
  • Manual Purchase Orders can be entered in Enter Receipts with other costs applied
  • Ability to post the extended cost of an Inventory Control Issue against a GL project/grant
  • Inactive products can be used in Enter Physical Count Adjustments.
  • Users may enter receipts for ”Non“ CYMA Purchase Orders
  • Non-inventory products can be received after being invoiced in AP, if the line is not manually closed.
  • Transaction Classification Codes on receipts write back to the PO line
  • Cosmetic changes to column headings
  • Default options for updating unit costs (Update Purchasing Unit Cost on AP Post & Update SKU Unit Cost) on IC Receipt
  • Grant/Project tracking option for Inventory Issues
  • Maintain Other Costs table can define company-wide Other Costs, descriptions and default General Ledger accounts
  • Lot Tracking Pop-Up Window allows users to add values to a lot
  • List price and multiple cost fields at the product/warehouse level offer greater Sales Order pricing flexibility

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"Inventory Control" is part of the CYMA IV Not-for-Profit Edition line of products, developed by CYMA Systems.

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