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CYMA Purchase Order

CYMA Purchase Order is an optional module for CYMA FMS or NFP that provides you with the capability to enter, track, print and manage vendor purchase orders. Purchase Orders can then be automatically turned into AP invoices when goods are received and the invoice received from the vendor. Several new Purchase Order forms are available, including a true laser form, which generates the entire purchase order, both data and the form, and prints to a blank piece of paper.

CYMA Purchase Order Benefits

  • Helps prevent over budget conditions when used with General Ledger module
  • Drop ship ready
  • Historical prior purchase orders help track cost changes
  • Works with Inventory and Sales Order as part of an advanced backorder processing system
  • With Inventory helps prevent purchasing items after a given date
  • Attach a file, image, location or any file to any Product
  • Requisition approval process
  • Use of Buyer IDs: Tie purchasing agent to a CYMA login, assign PO dollar limits, and set other permissions
  • Print or email purchase orders

CYMA Purchase Order Features

  • Supports system generated or manual Purchase Orders
  • Full Integration with Accounts Payable
  • Budget Control/Encumbrance feature warns/prevents PO’s that result in over-budget conditions
  • Send Purchase Orders to printer or email
  • Email Purchase Orders automatically when posting inventory receipts for backordered products
  • Export PO’s to CSV
  • Optional use of Product ID’s with vendor specific pricing
  • Update product costs based on Purchase Order, AP Invoice, or both
  • Multiple Bill-To’s and Ship-To’s
  • Line Level Special Instructions
  • Cross-References on the fly
  • Purchase order level notes, special instructions, and user defined fields
  • Importing an AP invoice automatically re-opens the purchase order
  • Return to Vendor capability
  • Drop Ship capability
  • Requisition capability
  • Purchase Order Status Inquiry
  • Printed Sales Order Number on Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order converts Unit of Measure on defaulted units/cost
  • “Delivery Days“ field - automatically gets added to the PO date to calculate the PO due/delivery date
  • Prevent Purchase After Date on SM Product (requires Inventory Control)
  • Purchasing Manager Security Level for Budget Overrides
  • Audit report for Purchase Order changes
  • Alert option to notify user when saving an AP Invoice mapped to a Purchase Order if an Invoice line’s unit cost is greater than the PO line’s unit cost.
  • Attach a file, document or location to any product
  • User can Reprint a Purchase Order directly from the Purchase Order Entry Screen
  • F6 ”Hotkey“ feature can view previous purchases of a product
  • Buyer IDs: Tie purchasing agent to a CYMA login; PO dollar limits; default order type per buyer; and permissions to change the buyer id in Enter Purchase Orders
  • Close Purchase Order process for closing POs and Requisitions en mass by date and other filters
  • Validate Buyer’s dollar limit is not exceeded when printing PO
  • Ability to string e-mail addresses
  • Open Commitment By Fund Report (NFP Version)
  • Assign funds to Purchase Order (NFP Version)

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"Purchase Order" is part of the CYMA IV Financial Management System (FMS) line of products, developed by CYMA Systems.

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