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CYMA Payroll

The CYMA Payroll system is an extremely flexible and robust payroll and personnel management tool. It provides users with the capability necessary to manage compensation requirements and electives, simply and completely.

CYMA Payroll Software allows any organization to process payroll in-house or to set up a payroll service for an unlimited number of employees. CYMA Payroll gives the abilities to quickly write payroll checks, run instant payroll reports, calculate employee earnings, deductions, 401k, cafeteria plans and more.

As a single module, the CYMA Payroll allows you to record employee earnings, calculate deductions and prepare payroll checks and payroll reports. When integrated with the CYMA General Ledger, you gain the ability to post all payroll and employer taxes to the appropriate accounts. When used with CYMA Accounts Payable you can create tax liability invoices.

As part of a larger Payroll and Human Resources system called HRexPRess, CYMA Payroll offers Employee Self Service, benefit cost analysis / management, competency based management and more in one integrated cost management / accounting package.

CYMA Payroll Benefits

  • Offers consolidated entry screen for quick payroll entry
  • Full W2 and 1099 printing out of the box
  • Support up to an unlimited number of employees
  • Supports EFT Direct Deposit out of the box
  • Support unlimited deductions
  • Support and manage an unlimited number of payroll benefits like 401k, cafeteria plans, vacation time and more
  • When used with the AP modules, can automatically generate tax liability invoices
  • Schedule start dates of employee benefits and set effective dates for any payroll benefit feature (401k, vacation, cafeteria plan, etc.)
  • Time Entry Processing: Enter payroll by hours, rates and pieces, on a daily basis or when needed
  • The only major payroll processing product in the marketplace that supports encrypted Social Security Numbers at the database level
  • Supports check runs, electronic direct deposit or both
  • Supports multi-state payroll out of the box
  • Annual updates ensure the system uses the latest, correct tax calculations
  • Attach documents, files, images and locations to any Employee File
  • Optionally print MICR checks to plain paper
  • Optionally process common specific state payroll forms like unemployment, new hire and others.
  • Certified Labor Hourly Rate logic when saving or posting Certified Payroll time entry
  • Tracks demographic information as well as provides a bridge to Human Resources module

CYMA Payroll Features

  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Encryption of Social Security numbers
  • Post in detail to GL
  • Post by transaction date or check date
  • Custom data fields
  • Process multiple checks per employee, per pay period
  • Process multiple pay frequencies at one time
  • Supports all 50 states including DC, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands
  • Quick Entry Payroll dialog box or traditional Payroll entry
  • Use the optional CYMA State Payroll Forms to automatically fill state payroll forms from all 50 states (separate purchase)
  • Multiple copies of checks
  • Direct Deposit and EFT Direct Deposit
  • W2 printing
  • 1099 printing
  • Time Entry Processing: Enter payroll by hours, rates and pieces, on a daily basis
  • Default GL Accounts
  • Unlimited Earnings Types
  • Unlimited Benefits
  • Annual cap field for pre-tax employer deductions
  • Change the pay rate across a number of employees
  • Effective Date for Payroll features (benefits, vacation, 401k, etc.)
  • Unlimited Deductions
  • Unlimited Employees
  • EEO-1 Worksheet Report
  • Personal Information tab includes Military Service and Education Level fields
  • “Emergency & Dependent Contacts Table includes Primary Emergency and Dependent contacts
  • “Demographics” tab includes I-9, Benefit Plan Testing, Drug Testing, and Security information fields
  • 941 Schedule B reconciliation report
  • Employment Information tab now includes a new Next Raise Date, Next Raise Amount, Last Raise Date, Next Raise date Next and Last Review Dates
  • Fixed Departmentalization
  • Variable Departmentalization - allows allocation/departmentalization to occur based on actual number of hours (or dollars) in the specific pay period
  • Copy or add a Payroll “feature“ across a range of employees
  • Copy Employment information across multiple employees
  • Unlimited Vacation Accrual
  • Unlimited Sick Pay Accrual
  • Annual cap field for pre-tax employer deductions
  • Change the pay rate across a number of employees
  • Local Tax and Union Dues
  • Track employee union affiliation
  • Deductions with minimum net pay
  • Adjust beginning balances on a per employee basis any time prior to processing payment
  • Turn Earnings, Benefits, and deductions features off at any time
  • Departmental tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Laser Fileable 940 & 941 Forms
  • Supports all Pay Frequencies - Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually
  • Void check feature automatically creates all reversing entries, including departmental printing
  • Manual Checks Ability create adjusting entries
  • Adjustments can optionally update GL
  • Wage calculation features allows user to set what wages are included for each type of tax maintained
  • Automatic Payroll calculation
  • Pay one or selected employees
  • Reopen last pay period
  • Mag Media support for W2’s & 1099’s (magnetic or electronic where applicable)
  • Flat percentage can be added to Employees to use in the calculation for supplemental wages.
  • Gender, Race, and Title fields for employee files.
  • Copy specific Payroll features or a range
  • Pre-processed reports speed up reporting times
  • Advance & Loan Features Linked to Recovery Feature
  • Post Time Entries to Job Costing without printing Payroll first
  • Copy Employment information across multiple employees
  • Support for Self Sealing Check Formats
  • Navigation buttons for ”Next Week“ and ”Previous Week“ in Time Entry window
  • Certified Labor Hourly Rate logic when saving or posting Certified Payroll time entry
  • ”Employee Status“ of Retired and Permanently Disabled
  • Current and Historical Payroll Journal
  • Ability to store up to 3 phone numbers, email address etc on the Maintain employee window
  • Enhanced performance in several Payroll Reports; reports will process faster when the highlighted selection criteria is used.
  • Employee Listing Report offers the option to exclude sensitive information from the report

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