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CYMA Human Resources

CYMA’s Human Resources module is part of a larger integrated HR and Payroll system called HRexPRess and specializes on employee cost management. CYMA Human Resources offers an accounting based review and management of benefit costs, position costs, applicant tracking, certifications, training and more.

Product highlights include:

Payroll Processing Full featured Payroll software that can pull benefit and position values from HR and help manage EEOC reporting.

Benefits Management A powerful rate/bracket table system allows creation of nearly any benefit type (e.g medical or group term life) with dynamic values.

Certification and License Tracking Track any certification and licenses with employee and company requirements. Includes training classes and exams for

Position Management - Analyze position costs and standardize the performance review process to help retain top performing employees.

Applicant Tracking / Openings Management Hire the best employees through a weighted, customized recruiting program. Questions and requirements are given values that can be weighted depending on job requirements.

CYMA Human Resources Features

  • Setup Unlimited Benefit Plans with individualized rate calculations, employee cost sharing and eligibility rules
  • Customer defined grouping of Benefit Plans, Employee Benefit Groups and Employee Eligibility Groups
  • Unlimited User Defined Rate Tables for Benefit Cost Calculations; rate table elements include:
    • Coverage Type
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Years of Service
    • Annual Income
    • Smoker/Non-Smoker
    • State
    • Position
    • Benefit Group
    • Location
    • Department
    • Hourly Rate
  • Track Benefit Plan Provider and Contact Information
  • Powerful Benefit Cost Analysis; view benefit costs by:
    • Total Company Cost
    • Company Share
    • Employee Share
    • Month & Year
    • Department
    • Location
    • Position
  • User Defined Benefit Eligibility rules:
    • Full Time vs Part Time
    • Restrict Benefits to Employees in User Defined Groups
    • Base Eligibility on Start Date, Hire Date or Re-Hire Date
  • Powerful Benefit Enrollment features:
    • Auto-enroll groups of employees at one time
    • Add, Drop or Change benefits to groups of employees
    • Instantly analyze effect of benefits before updating Payroll
  • Payroll Integration
    • Benefit Calculation “pushed” to Payroll to automatically set employee deduction amounts
    • Benefit rules will enable/disable payroll deductions based on date
  • Create an unlimited number of Positions; assign to employee
  • Track all key employee information by Position for reporting and HR queries
  • Assign each Position to a Position Group and Position Type for Position Cost Management Reporting
  • Standardize EEOC Job Category definition by Position
  • Establish Pay Ranges for each Position
  • Establish Performance Review and Pay Change time-cycles for each Position
  • Track job requirements for each Position:
    • Veteran Status
    • Residency
    • Education Level
    • Security Level
    • Age
    • Needed Certifications and Licenses
    • Required Exams and Training Classes
  • Weighted Average Performance Review System allows custom designed Performance Review By Position
  • Track Benefit Costs, Employee Earnings, Employee Certification, Training Classes and Exams By Position
  • Industry Average Position Pay comparisons
  • Track all openings by Position, Department, Location, Recruiter and more
  • Establish unique candidate requirements for each Opening
  • Establish unique applicant scoring system for each Opening
  • Track Applicants by Opening
  • Robust Applicant Database
  • Track Applicant Credentials, Licenses, Certifications and Qualifications
  • Automatically score applicants
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Powerful Applicant Database Search
  • Define Company and Position by Position Performance Review Categories
  • User defined scoring system
  • Weighted Average Performance Review method
  • Store Performance Review results in Employee Record
  • Analyze Employee Pay by Position, Performance Review Grades and other factors
  • Complete Employee Certification & License Tracking
    • Track unlimited licenses and certifications
    • Track company requirements for number of employees with particular certification
    • Define Certification Requirements – Hours, Exams, Classes
    • Track Expiration Dates
  • Powerful Training Class Management System
    • Define unlimited number of classes and class sections
    • Track employee progress from enrollment through completion
    • Tie class attendance to Certification and Licenses
    • Create class schedules
    • Historical reporting of class enrollment and attendance
  • Exam Administration & Tracking
  • EEOC Reporting
  • Extensive employee demographics
  • Track Pay History, Raises, Reviews for each employee
  • Education, Military, Security, I-9 information and more
  • Emergency Contacts and Dependents
  • Excel based add-in provides instant spreadsheet access to HR and PR information
  • Create financial spreadsheets that pull:
    • Employee Benefit Costs
    • Company Benefit Costs
    • Total Benefit Costs
    • Employee Earnings
    • Taxes
    • Certifications
    • Hours Worked
  • Organize financial HR spreadsheets by:
    • Year, Month
    • Department, Location, Position
    • Employee, Employee Group, Pay Type, Pay Frequency, Client
    • Earnings Type (Salary, Hourly, Overtime, Commission, etc.)
    • Gender, Ethnic ID, EEOC Job Category
  • Browser/Web-Based System
  • Allows Employee access to HR/PR information from anywhere with internet connection
  • No CYMA installed software required (100% browser based)
  • Employee Review of:
    • Pay History
    • Deposit Advices
    • W2 information
    • Payroll Settings and Current Amounts
    • Employee Time Entry
    • Powerful Supervisor Features
    • Time Entry Approval
    • Employee Time Entry
    • View Employee Information:
      • Hours Worked
      • Pay Information
      • Training Classes Attended, Enrolled
      • Exam Information
      • Certification & License Information
      • Birthdays, Anniversaries
      • Emergency Contacts
      • Vacation Balances
      • Much more….
  • Special HR Managers View allows web based access to information on all employees
  • Electronic Filing
  • Complete Tax Reporting
  • State Payroll Forms (Paper and Electronic)
  • Unlimited Pay Frequencies and Employees
  • Multi-State
  • Complete W2 Processing
  • User configurable tax definitions

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