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CYMA System Manager

The CYMA System Manager provides system-wide control and management of your CYMA accounting software. Printer setup, company information, accounting periods, system security, user maintenance and network control are managed by this module.

CYMA System Manager, controls users, companies, security, and a wide variety of system features. Each installation of CYMA requires a System Manager. One convenient location helps manage multiple companies, user access, accounting periods, custom forms, and reporting.

Users may create batches of reports that can be executed with a single click. Each batch may contain multiple instances of the same report and each individual report may have different selection criteria. Each batch may consist of reports from different modules.

CYMA’s User Level Security options ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive company information and vital functions. In addition, users can be restricted from running CYMA URL’s that automatically process information from web page links in eDesk.

CYMA’s eDesk, is an HTML based resource center, containing getting started information, tutorials, JavaScript Financial Calculators, and a wide variety of CYMA reference materials. eDesk can also be customized to run CYMA functions from the click of a link or be modified to act as a departmental intranet (HTML coding experience required).

CYMA System Manager Benefits

  • Set up batch reports for quick reporting
  • User Defined Report Lists allow for quicker and more efficient report handling
  • Supports an unlimited number of companies out of the box
  • Strong user security by module, menu item, reports and functionality, based off user type or administrator customization
  • Specify data entry preference by user from three types for maximum efficiency
  • Advanced utilities allow for increased performance
  • Customizable eDesk allows total HTML customization, branding and report/menu shortcuts all from one page
  • Embedded help, tutorials and getting started guides
  • Attach documents, images, locations, or any file to any Customers, Vendors, Products, Jobs, Employees, Project and Grants

CYMA System Manager Features

  • Spreadsheet-like grid control used throughout
  • “Tabbed-Dialog“ box
  • Multiple Document Design allows multiple modules and/or windows to be open concurrently
  • Pervasive.SQL Version 10 database
  • Detailed audit trail on modification and deletions
  • Data is entered in file transactions where entire batches of data are committed completely or not at all, ensuring that whole transactions (header and detail records) are completed
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Perform string based searches
  • Named Report Batches
  • Copy Companies
  • Cash or accrual accounting methods supported
  • Allocate transactions to Jobs, Grants, Projects and Transaction Classification Codes
  • Attach documents, files or locations to any Customer, Vendor, Product, Job, Employee, Project and Grant
  • Support for duplicate products
  • Optional auto popup calendar when entering data in date fields
  • Calculator added to all currency and quantity fields (accessed by pressing Ctrl-T)
  • System remembers the last defined ”# of copies printed“ when printing checks, invoices, statements, reports
  • Window size is saved after close (sticky windows)
  • Improved performance of reports. Reports will run faster if the highlighted selection criteria is used.

User Features

  • Three different keyboard modes are provided to accommodate fast data entry for heavy keypad users as well as to accommodate users who prefer little use of the mouse
  • Fixed or floating decimal entry options
  • System functions are designed to allow use of the keyboard or mouse, depending on user preference
  • Notes can be kept for all master records with or without automatic ”pop-up“ capability
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive help system. (F1)
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel in browser screens
  • Purge GL History
  • Purge Payroll
  • Purge Inactive Records
  • User defined CYMA menus and interactive Workflow Entry Diagrams in eDesk allow for custom, enhanced menu access
  • User Defined Report Lists

System Security Features

  • Multi-level security by:
    • Companies Modules
    • Entry Screens Reports
    • System Functions (i.e., posting, printing)
    • Module Access
    • eDesk URL Linking
    • Full Access menu level
    • Sales Manager override
  • Social Security Number Encryption at the database level
  • Optional activity timer requires users to enter the password again when there has been no keyboard or mouse activity on the workstation after a specified time lapse
  • View Access menu level
  • Audit Trails by user for record changes or additions

Report Features

  • Optional Crystal Reports module allows users to modify system reports and create new reports that can be added as selections to the Report menus
  • User Defined Transaction Classification Codes
  • Additional reporting options include the use of the F9 third party report writer for use with CYMA GL
  • Reports can be output to screen, printer or common file formats supported by Crystal Reports
  • Data-sensitive or period-based reporting
  • Multiple selection and sorting capability on reports
  • 100’s of reports to choose from

Browser Features

  • View any file, record by record, with this advanced look-up facility for frequently used codes
  • Users Selects from multiple look-up options:
    • Fields to view in columns
    • Order and width of the columns to display
    • Column to Search and Sort
  • Each user may save their options for each browser
  • Add master records on the fly during data entry

System Utilities

  • Print file structures
  • Pack and re-index files
  • Recalculate Payroll Balances
  • Recalculate General Ledger Balances
  • Recalculate Accounts Receivable Balances
  • Generate Account Segment Names
  • Online Backup Capabilities
  • Auto Segment Balancing

General Import Feature

  • Imports form other systems available via Comma Separated Value file (CSV) to: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll


  • Customize HTML designed desktop for user defined CYMA menus or default web page
  • Run common CYMA reports and functions from embedded HTML links or from an address bar.
  • Interactive Workflow Entry Diagrams help illustrate system/accounting processes
  • Embedded JavaScript financial calculators cover common functions such as:
    • 1040 Tax Calculator
    • Breakeven Analysis
    • Business Valuation
    • Cash Flow
    • Equipment Buy vs. Lease
    • Financial Ratios
    • Inventory Analysis
    • Loan Amortization
    • Loan Comparison
    • Working Capital Needs
  • eDesk contains dozens tutorials and reference materials in addition to contextual help

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"System Manager" is part of the CYMA HRexPRess line of products, developed by CYMA Systems.

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