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CYMA Accounts Receivable

CYMA Accounts Receivable system provides advanced tools to manage customer relationships, process invoices, track payments and manage all credit activities. Featuring sophisticated tax processing capabilities, flexible invoicing, powerful statement processing and easy customization, this powerful module is designed to meet the most demanding needs of a wide variety of businesses.

Hundreds of available reports and custom report capabilities help companies keep track of detailed financial information. Custom fields, email invoices, and plain paper AR invoices and forms ensure the flexibility to get the job done right.

CYMA Accounts Receivable integrates with all CYMA module; however, a configuration with Sales Order and Inventory creates a powerful manufacturing/warehouse/distribution system.

CYMA Accounts Receivable Benefits

  • Consolidated entry grids allow for quick, efficient information entry
  • Multiple credit hold treatments allow control over customers who sometimes pay late or not at all.
  • Multiple payment options: cash, check, credit card, transfer and adjustment
  • Attach documents, images, locations, or any file to any Customer file
  • View detailed payment history from one screen
  • Recurring Invoices can be automatically generated weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Alternate Pricing options: Assign an alternate pricing code to an invoice line item or to a customer
  • Update prices globally
  • Option of Detailed or Quick Entry of Payments
  • Ability to e-mail statements
  • User Specific Quick Payment Entry Screens for data entry flexibility
  • Full integration with other CYMA modules including the ability to update Inventory quantities
  • Full Integration with General Ledger, Inventory, Sales Order and all CYMA Modules

CYMA Accounts Receivable Features

  • Recurring Invoices may be automatically generated weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Volume Billing allows invoicing for a common charge to a select list of customers such as monthly dues or tuition.
  • Robust payment processing supports partial payments on a line item basis, overpaid amounts, miscellaneous payments, transfers between accounts, applications of unapplied payments, write-offs credits, and NSF checks all on one screen
  • Payment types: Cash, Check or Credit Card, transfer and adjustment
  • Single payment may be applied to multiple customer accounts and single payments may be applied to both customer and miscellaneous accounts
  • Miscellaneous Payments will accept negative entries to allow the ability to enter a counter charge to an expense account such as a credit card fee
  • Order and Invoice Activity drill down capability
  • Invoice Status Inquiry System
  • Automatically generate COGS entries
  • Credit Hold Treatments: Ignore, Warning Only, Hold With Override, Hold Always
  • 15 character customer ID
  • Discount percentages
  • Assign an alternate pricing code to an invoice line item
  • Assign an alternate pricing code to a customer
  • Unlimited number of tax id’s and tax categories
  • Unit Price supports 4 decimal places
  • Powerful invoice entry support printed, manual, and email invoices
  • Quick or Detailed Invoice Entry
  • Quick or Detailed Payment Entry
  • Enter invoices and associated payments on one screen
  • Auto Apply Payments and Unapplied Payments
  • eMail Statements
  • Set customer specific pricing by date range
  • Global price updates
  • F6 “Hotkey” in invoices screen shows a history of all or the past 5 invoices for the vendor
  • Optional “Default Invoice Type” helps minimize data entry errors and decrease data entry time.
  • “Permissions“ limit access for AR invoice entry, Sales Order Entry; ability to change default salesperson when entering an invoice or sales order
  • Updates Jobs when invoices and payments post (applicable if using CYMA Job Costing Module)
  • User defined fields for customer and invoice records
  • User defined bank accounts may be uniquely assigned to different method of payments (one bank for credit cards, another for cash, etc.)
  • Credit limit processing
  • Full support of on account and deposit payments
  • View payment history from Customer Activity screen
  • User defined invoice & statement formats
  • Reprint or email an invoice directly from the Enter Invoice screen
  • Update or change the unit price from the Copy Invoice Process
  • Added the Sales Account Code column to 5 invoice dialog boxes. This code maps a specific sales GL account to a specific cogs GL account
  • Manual Invoices can be entered into the Accounts Receivable Quick Invoice Screen
  • When entering Quick Payments, the last bank used is set as default
  • Users can assign volume invoices to a Grant or Project
  • System can be configured so that invoices and payments can be edited after being printed.
  • Write-off functionality is enabled within Cash Basis companies
  • When posting an Invoice that ”Updates IC Quantities“ the program will use the ”actual“ shipping costs when debiting COGS and crediting inventory
  • Invoices can be emailed to multiple contacts at once
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices can update Inventory quantities on-hand.
  • Accounts Receivable Print Proof Listing by detail includes the Sales Order number

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