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A developer of business management software.

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CyberGrants provides grants management software products for family, private, community and corporate foundations and corporate contributions departments. We are the premier online solution for grant makers, with an established product utilized for over six years.

How We Started

CyberGrants, Inc. is the product of 11 successful and profitable years of software consulting services at Integrated Data Solutions, Inc., brother corporation and private funding resource to CyberGrants since 1999.

Our primary expertise is e-philanthropy software for grantmakers. In 1995, our developers created a, then nameless, grants management solution for a customer in the Northeast. From day one, this product, now known as CyberGrants, utilized the Internet as its platform. Today, based on our best-in-class software and the unquestionable viability of the Internet, CyberGrants sits at the forefront of technology in the grants management and administration software marketplace.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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