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The FDM4 ® Sales Analysis module allows the tracking of sales by customer, by order, by item, by date, by period, and by year.

All the sales analysis information incorporates date of sale, invoice number, order number, sales revenue, cost of goods, and margin. Sales statistics are also readily available by salesperson, by customer, and by gross margin.

  • Update procedures that will allow the user to create the summary files from the detailed sales transactions that are used in various reports and inquiries throughout the system. The update procedures will allow the user to run, or set up in a batch procedure to run automatically, Customer, Item, and Vendor summary update procedures.
  • Sales Inquiries that can be viewed from a Customer, or an Inventory perspective.
  • Sales reports that can view the sales by Customer, Inventory, or Salesman.
  • All analysis reports may be printed to a printer or to a screen
  • Rebatable sales report
  • Sales commission reports by salesman identifying whether the individual invoices have been partially paid, paid in full, or not paid at all
  • Pay commission option will allow commissions to be calculated and paid for only those customer invoices that have been paid in full or on various other types of criteria
  • Multiple commissions based on product classes, etc.
  • Sales representatives gross margin dollar percentage by month and YTD
  • Various options of calculating commissions are available including split commissions
  • Low sales margin report by user defined by low margin percentage within any date range
  • Displays sales in quantities and dollars by item for the current 12 or 13 months in the current year or for previous years

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Analysis:

"Sales Analysis" is part of the FDM4 ERP line of products, developed by Cutsey Business Systems.