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The FDM4 ® Order Entry & Invoicing module is a comprehensive system for quoting, entering, shipping, and invoicing customer orders. This module can be used alone or integrated with other FDM4 ® modules.

During order entry, you can review stock balances, suggest substitute items, and offer various pricing options all in an interactive mode from one screen.

  • Order Entry/Adjustment procedures
  • Shipment creation procedures
  • Manual or automatic creation of invoices for orders previously shipped. The invoice generation procedure can be set up as a batch procedure to run nightly to create invoices and update the Customer’s Accounts Receivable account
  • Full Order Approval system
  • Customer return authorization and receipt procedures
  • Backorder Maintenance procedure. This functionality will allow the end user to manage backorders that exist for a specific customer. The procedure will list all of the outstanding backorders by Customer that exist in the system. The procedure will allow the user to update the following information on these orders without having to call up each individual order: Warehouse the goods are being shipped from, the order quantity, and the price that the Customer is going to receive for the items on the order in question.
  • Full Commission procedures for automatic calculation of commissions owing salespersons from Orders entered. The Commissions procedure allows the end user to calculate, approve and release commissions for payment.
  • Full Customer Credit checking procedures. The O/E control file will allow the company to set up “rules” which will determine which Orders will be released for shipping automatically, and which Orders will be held for approval prior to the shipping procedures. Each Customer is set up with a Credit Level, which is the first stage of the checking procedure. There are 5 different levels: Level 1 Customers never require approval, Level 5 Customers always require approval, Levels 2 through 4 will require approval depending on the total outstanding receivables in the A/R module, the total of all outstanding orders, minus any Payments recorded for the Customer. The criteria for those Customers sitting at Levels 2 through 4 are set on the O/E control file
  • O/E Module is fully integrated in real-time with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control modules

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Processing & Fulfillment:

"Order Processing & Fulfillment" is part of the FDM4 ERP line of products, developed by Cutsey Business Systems.