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The FDM4 ® Inventory Control module is updated by the FDM4 ® Purchase Order and FDM4 ® Order Entry modules as inventory is received into and sold from multiple warehouses.

FDM4 ® Inventory Control module is used to make direct adjustments to warehouse stock balances and costs, to transfer and configure items, and to perform physical inventory counts.

  • Allocation Maintenance by Item or by Order
  • Inventory Adjustment procedures
  • Inventory Cost Adjustment procedures for updating costs layers for items created for goods purchased and vouchered.
  • Inventory physical count procedures
  • Multiple Price category capability for item pricing setup. This would allow the company to utilize multiple price lists (e.g., wholesales and retail) when pricing items. The Price category is set on the Customer’s account, therefore, when the Customer places the order, the price category will determine what price list they will have their orders priced from.
  • Within each price category, each item can have up to 10 different price levels set. The price levels can be used to set quantity breaks for Customers ordering a certain volume of goods, or can be used to set levels that the Customer will receive. The level will be determined by the Customer Price Code level file that is set up for the customer in the reference files.
  • Calculation procedure to allow automatic update of item pricing based on user defined formulas
  • Extensive reporting and inquiry functionality
  • All inventory is updated in real-time when goods are received or shipped out since the inventory control module is fully integrated with the Order Entry and Purchasing Modules
  • Inventory Control Module is also fully integrated with the General Ledger modules, therefore all G/L postings resulting from movement of inventory is reflected in the G/L once the update procedures are run to post the sub-ledgers to the G/L.
  • Ability to handle items that are:
    • Inventoried
    • Non-Inventoried
    • Non-Stocking
    • Serialized
    • Lot Numbered
    • Decimal Quantities

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Control:

"Inventory Control" is part of the FDM4 ERP line of products, developed by Cutsey Business Systems.