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The FDM4® Accounts Receivable module is used to enter and track customers, invoices, cash receipts, and customer credit and payment history.

Both balance forward and open item accounts can be managed.

The FDM4® Accounts Receivable module can be integrated with other FDM4® modules or used independently.

  • Invoice Entry/Adjustment procedures
  • Credit Memo Entry/Adjustment procedures
  • Recurring receivable creation and posting procedures
  • A/R Aging reporting for account management
  • Cash Receipt batch procedures
  • Customer Statement run procedures to automatically generate statements of Customer’s Receivables based on aging
  • Ability to calculate interest on overdue receivables and automatically charge the interest to the Customer’s Account
  • Fully integrated with the FDM4 Order Entry system. Invoices generated that result from Customer Orders are automatically reflected on the Customer’s Account in the A/R module
  • A/R sub-ledger transactions are automatically posted to the G/L module when the update procedure is run
  • Collection of Overdue Receivables procedure allows the end user to target those receivables that are in need of collection in setting user defined criteria. The program allows for collection calls to Customers, and the ability to flag certain receivables for follow-up.
  • A/R Account Inquiry program will allow the end user to inquire on open/closed receivables to view transaction history, print an aging report for the selected Customer only, select invoices to be re-printed and/or faxed directly to the Customer from the workstation, all from a single inquiry screen
  • All transactions viewed in the A/R module will allow the end user to view the resulting G/L postings without having to exit the A/R module
  • Customer Account information is kept until such a time that the end user wishes to purge the files from the A/R module
  • Full contact information can be kept on each individual Customer.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the FDM4 ERP line of products, developed by Cutsey Business Systems.