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The FDM4 ® Accounts Payable module manages disbursements including cash requirements planning and daily voucher and payment processing.

The FDM4 ® Accounts Payable module can be integrated with the other FDM4 ® modules or used by itself.

  • Voucher Entry/Adjustment procedures
  • Debit Memo Entry/Adjustment procedures
  • Recurring payable creation and posting procedures
  • Manual and automatic check run payment procedures
  • Check cancellation functionality
  • Check reconciliation procedures
  • Aged reporting of outstanding payables
  • Fully integrated with Purchasing module to allow for easy creation of payables for good purchased and received from a vendor
  • Automatic Debit Memo creation flag that will allow Debit Memos to be created automatically on the Vendor’s account when goods are returned
  • A/P Sub-ledger is fully integrated with the G/L system for transaction posting
  • Designed to allow user to select vouchers for payment in a timely manner as to allow the company to take advantage of any discounts that are extended from the Vendor for early payment
  • Intelligent selection of vouchers for payment based on user selected criteria
  • Voucher Entry allows for use of cost centers for breakdown of expenses by Responsibility center when transactions are posted to the G/L Module
  • Purchase Order matching procedure within Voucher Entry/Adjustment allows for easy creation of payables for goods received
  • Multiple vouchers can be created for goods received off a single Purchase Order

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the FDM4 ERP line of products, developed by Cutsey Business Systems.