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  • Branding - brand your On-Time Web site with your company logo
  • Punch Method - simplified punch method similar to a real time clock
  • Sheet Method - timesheet method to enter time
  • Punch Rounding - round punches to conform to business hours
  • Inline Editing - inline time entry editing for supervisors
  • Punch Defaults - automated lunch punches
  • Overtime Methods - daily, weekly, or both
  • Welcome/Footer Messages - enter custom messages on pages’ header and footer
  • Job/Phase Validation - option to use jobs and phases when clocking in and out
  • Overtime Calculation - automated calculations for overtime based on method selected
  • Email - send email to employees within On-Time Web
  • Mobile Access - access On-Time Web site with mobile devices
  • Data Export - export data in CSV, Excel, or QuickBooks format
  • OSAS Import - import into OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software
  • Employee/Job/Phase Template Import - import Employee/Job/Phase info into On-Time Web
  • Backup Control - backup your data and store it where and when you decide
  • Style Sheet Options - select from eight different style sheets to customize look
  • OT1000 Time Clock - smart time clock that sends data directly to On-Time Web
  • Pick-Screen Reporting - from and through filtering on all reports
  • Computerized Calculations - On-Time Web performs all time calculations
  • Supervisor Groups - create groups of supervisors to allow for flexible timesheet approval policies
  • Supervisor Time Approval - supervisors approve, correct and make notes on timesheets.

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"Pro Version" is part of the On-Time Web line of products, developed by Customware.

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