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Events Pro is software focused on the Events industries. This application is useful for Entertainment Companies, Promotional Companies, Radio Stations, and Governmental Funded Service Companies. This software facilitates all of the functions a company who is involved in events, broadcasts, and services related to human affairs. This application will be customized to fit your industry and company’s specific needs. This application is web interface ready!

  • Enter various services offered by your organization
  • Enter various programs for your radio station
  • Enter ongoing promotional Events
  • Track the events related to your program
  • Track speakers, itinerary, event costs, location, attendees and more
  • Track radio speaking engagements, questions, answers, and more live
  • Track the products you are promoting, the venues you are promoting in and all the details
  • Keep schedules
  • Keep speaker profiles
  • Take questions and comments live
  • Track attendees and send auto confirmations
  • Use multiple marketing and membership campaigns
  • Track Costs
  • Track Employees
  • Create filtered and specific reports on the fly