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Custom Design db, LLC

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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Do you need a company with experience and highly skilled professionals?

  • You need a solid company that has been providing quality automation and efficiency solutions around the world.
  • You need applications that are created to fulfill your specific needs, goals, and expectations.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, Custom Design Db has provided services for over 20 years to help you “Do business Better.”

Do you need solutions that are measurable and offer you a full scope of services? * You need to be able to measure the return on your investment when you purchase a software solution * You need services that are complete and that can integrate and streamline processes.

Our services can include any combination of networking, software, web solutions, databases, marketing, franchising, consulting, and maintenance.

Do you need solutions that actually fit your company and industry?

  • You do not need to work for your software; it needs to work for you!
  • You need a customized application with a solid foundation that is scalable and affordable.

Custom Design Db solutions are complete and include the entire life cycle of a business project to include intake, work flow, programming, beta testing, project previews, installation, training, support and maintenance. We use time-tested, supported, upgradable, enterprise level products and certified trained programmers.

Do you need your solution to be completed on time?

  • You need a team that has a strong commitment level and skill to complete projects with excellence.
  • You need a project manager that recognizes the priority is YOU!

Your success story is our success story. We do not take your vision lightly. Over the years we have added to our portfolio, one project, one commitment, one success at a time.

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