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ServMan Software has the tools you need to manage and run your work order based business. Businesses that center around work order management typically require sophisticated scheduling and open order management tools. ServMan provides both, as well as the ability to quickly view client and equipment service histories. The following are just a few of our work order management features. Remember, if ServMan doesn’t do it out “out of the box”, chances are the feature can be quickly added using our integrated development engine.

  • Graphical Scheduling Engine
  • Recurring Order Management
  • Maintenance Tasking Module
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Automated Time Tracking using status codes
  • Wireless Portable Data Terminals for field service personnel
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Based Inventories
  • Employee Profitability Reports
  • Installed Equipment Tracking
  • Service Histories
  • Warranty Programs
  • Service Agreements
  • View and Sort all open orders by status, date, employee or any other user defined criteria
  • GPS Integration
  • Integrated Mapping Solution
  • Batch Invoicing By Order Status and Department
  • Multi-Department/Multi-Company support
  • Track Payments with orders
  • Internet Service Order Module
  • Critical notes on service request
  • Equipment readings on service orders
  • Tech Recommends on service orders
  • Custom task on service orders
  • Backorders
  • Auto Create PO based on orders
  • Call escalation based on guaranteed response codes
  • Templates for simplified data entry
  • Commissions
  • Flat-Rate
  • Custom wizards for automating common tasks
  • Custom Navigation menus for simplified use

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Work Order Management:

"Work Order Management" is part of the ServMan Software line of products, developed by CubeSix.