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Adopt a Better Reporting Strategy.

CSI Reports is a true enterprise solution for authoring, viewing and customizing reports and queries that meet the needs of your entire business. Access trusted data and build reports designed for collaboration and insight. Generate powerful analytics allowing your club to make better business decisions and meet your operational goals.

CSI Reports integrates data from key departments in an end-to-end reporting environment. Gather and share information captured by traditional membership, attendance and sales reports. Pull from over 500 system reports created in an instant, or query specific fields in the database and produce ad hoc reports driven by custom criteria. CSI Reports is scalable and flexible enough to manage your most complex processes, your toughest challenges.

Get a broad snapshot of your business, or drill down and get sharper angles and detailed answers. Reports are easy to find and distribute. And all reports are professionally formatted, ready to preview, print and export. And everything is integrated with SpectrumNG for streamlined communication and optimum support.

Business reporting driven by sophisticated tools and robust capabilities. Valuable information at the fingertips of your entire staff. Less time managing and more time taking care of your members. CSI Reports is built to take you there.

Reports Benefits

  • Access a uniform environment for all your business reporting.
  • Create customizable reports that meet your unique needs.
  • Save time and money using automated, powerful reporting features.
  • View, gather and distribute data from multiple departments to diverse users.
  • Use SpectrumNG to leverage the collective intelligence of your business.

CSI Reports In Action

With system reports, each reporting category is clearly defined, making it easy locate, separate and label reports according to your needs. And Reports has both e-mail and mailer capabilities, helping get information quickly to members, guests or prospects. Simply select reporting criteria, create an e-mail using HTML, add an attachment and send. Go ahead and alert customers to upcoming events or promotions demonstrating a professional touch.

Drill Down

Using the drill down feature, Reports gives you a deeper analysis, a better view of your business. Investigate a reporting number by drilling down to its finest details. For example, use Reports to drill down to targeted data points in an invoice. Dissect each invoice and locate things like date, time, member and payment details.