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The perfect lead to more memberships.

CSI Prospect Management sets the tone for a successful sales cycle with fast, customizable features for capturing and managing key prospect data, helping your club close profitable memberships. Get a comprehensive view of your entire prospect. Automate critical aspects of your sales process. Streamline your customer contacts and build better relationships. Simply turn prospects into members. From initial contact to member signature, give your sales team the power of Prospect Management and never miss another sales target.

Now you can track each prospect through the entire sales cycle. Enter and access a full spectrum of prospect information through Prospect Management’s easy navigation and reliable execution. Input contact information, club interests, personal preferences, medical history and all customer interactions leading to a completed membership. Create specific tasks and take good notes. And easily integrate with both Contract and Member Management modules for a true end-to-end prospecting tool.

Prospect Management is really a single repository of marketing intelligence, enabling your sales professionals to keep a laser focus on your future members. Ensuring your club gains a customer-driven reputation.

Prospect Management Benefits

  • Close a higher percentage of sales with flexible features designed for your customer, your marketplace.
  • Automate important functions and streamline the entire sales process.
  • Cultivate meaningful prospect relationships driven by accurate, timely data.
  • Engage more customers with strategic communications and superior customer service.
  • Integrate with SpectrumNG and fully optimize your prospect workflow.

CSI Prospect Management in Action

Prospect Management delivers customizable selections that help collect and organize key data points about prospective customers. Make fast and effective changes based on your operations and strategies. Quickly input health history, food allergies, fitness goals, class preferences and personal interests – anything you need to turn prospects into customers. Designate how many check-ins a prospect is due based on club rules or whatever it takes to make the sale. Then select a timeline of acceptable check-ins per week, month or year. Even create required fields for basic contact information like e-mail address, home address and date of birth. Prospect Management’s easy setup will give your sales staff an instant edge.

Shark Tank

Prospect Management automates the handoff of prospect accounts through a unique feature called the Shark Tank. Regardless of circumstances, the Shark Tank is where different members of your sales staff - based on your setup guidelines - can pick up prospects that need fresh attention. Set up Prospect Management to recognize a time period for moving prospects to the Shark Tank. Make it a reflection of account inactivity, or recurring days since a prospect was last contacted. SpectrumNG runs a nightly process routine that automatically drops prospects in the Shark Tank.

  • Limit the number of prospects a sales member can acquire at one time.
  • Account for prospects assigned to terminated employees.
  • Set a grace period for contacting a new prospect, or one in the pipeline.

Prospect Profiles

Prospect Management allows management and sales teams to create, manage and evaluate prospective member profiles, helping build valuable relationships that lead to memberships. Put Prospect Management profiles into action by assigning follow-up phone calls, arranging club tours and making fitness assessment appointments.

Drill down to specific details about your prospects that make a difference. Use Prospect Management to assign sales members tasks unrelated to the sales process. And send assigned tasks to Outlook as a reminder because Prospect Management works seamlessly with other tools you depend on every day.

Entry Wizard

The Prospect Management entry wizard is user-friendly and built to support your sales staff, not disrupt them. Stay engaged with a prospect while entering critical information into Prospect Management. All additions and edits will be logged in the module’s history for quick reference. And make notes along the way, at the request of your customer or your management. Each note is dated and time stamped for easy tracking.

  • Enter sub-prospects and expand your market reach.
  • Have a customer sign a waiver when necessary.
  • Enter information into required fields and add ad hoc notes.

Add a prospect and immediately grant check-in privileges based on your default settings. Each prospect account has a check-in utility for adjusting check-ins on the fly. Add a start date, end date, frequency, or total number of check-ins allowed. Prospect Management has everything you need to develop better customer relationships and close more business.

More Benefits

Align your robust collection of prospect information with Prospect Management’s state-of-the-art calendar, an invaluable resource equipped with sophisticated viewing options, legible icons and simple maneuvering capabilities. Setting, locating and reviewing prospect data will be both simple and dynamic for your sales team.

Improve sales efficiency through timely, accurate prospect data. Record each call, e-mail or tour using the main Prospect Management feature. Track the results of those customer contacts, too. You can automate tasks for inviting prospects to a club party or forwarding prospects coupons to the spa. And send e-mails directly from Prospect Management using HTML – complete with any important attachments. Make those valuable connections and generate the right buzz around your facility.

And Prospect Management is truly an end-to-end solution for completing your club’s sales cycle. Now, you won’t just log and track prospect information along the way. You will also get real metrics – a closing ratio that reflects your staff’s efforts from start to finish, initial contact to membership. Access the Production Log for all entered prospect information and a precise closing ratio. Sound metrics can be utilized as a coaching tool or as a change agent for future marketing campaigns.