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Align Your Club with Today’s Technology.

CSI Online Services captures sales opportunities and publishes vital data around the clock, keeping pace with web innovation and engaging members at their convenience. Today’s business climate requires a fast, flexible approach to customer service. Online Services pushes payments, enrollments and bookings straight to your members’ fingertips, wherever they may be.

SpectrumNG supplies a rich feature set to any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Join the club online. Access billing statements. Book an appointment. SpectrumNG links to your club’s website and delivers a virtual suite of services to a more demanding, mobile membership. Expand your reach and promote club services direct to both prospects and members – your most important resources.

Boost your membership sales. Manage club services. Create a paperless environment. SpectrumNG leverages the power of the web, finding new revenue streams while maximizing existing ones. Crunch time and expenses with Online Services, and boost productivity throughout your entire facility.

Online Services Benefits

  • Automate registration for programs and classes
  • Schedule classes, programs, leagues and special events
  • Pay membership dues and club bills online
  • Send paperless billing statements and notifications
  • Provide secure payment options for online billing
  • Enroll new members at their convenience
  • Monitor attendance and employee reports

OLS in Action

SpectrumNG turns club prospects into club members. We’ve designed Online Services with your membership in mind, creating an environment that ensures joining your club is a fast and friendly user experience. Make OLS your virtual sales team.

Member and Guest Wizards

Member and Guest Wizards walk future members through easy, concise instructions while providing detailed descriptions of your facilities, hours and amenities.

  • Set up memberships specifically for online users.
  • Control which club sites offer online memberships.
  • Customers can access a full help file while enrolling through OLS.

More Benefits

Boost your brand by creating a custom e-mail template to motivate prospects joining your club online. We’ve made over 15 data input fields available, including a site logo and text feature. Online Services makes it easy to build a template that sends a targeted message and enhances your club’s image. And through the latest OLS enhancements, customize a temporary membership card to supplement an e-mail confirmation sent to new members. Choose from over 10 input fields and include your club logo.

As part of the new member contract, send a confirmation page full of vital information promoting classes, spa events and personal training specials. Give new members a memorable welcome while showcasing your club amenities. Also provide members a completed contract – all online - including an option to view in a PDF format. Display contract start date, expiration date and post-contract dues. Online Services gives your club a powerful presence in the online space.

Account Management

Automate your billing in paperless environment. Online Services helps manage your customer accounts on the web, while cutting deep into expenses tied to traditional billing. Offer a standard online statement, or drill down and display billing details that satisfy most member inquiries in an instant. And customize your online environment using OLS Label Management, a unique way to differentiate your services with full descriptions of both club services and member advantages.

Streamline your bottom line with SpectrumNG’s Online Services.

  • Go paperless and eliminate paper, ink and postage.
  • Combine with SpectrumNG’s Billing module and send automatic billing notifications.
  • Customers accessing Online Services can view and print billing statements.

Program Registration

Give members the power to register for programs on their time. Online Program Registration offers a pain-free function for managing the enrollment process – both for club members and club staff. No more standing in line, no more phone calls. Simply direct customers to Online Services and enjoy the fastest, friendliest way to fill up your club programs.

Create more awareness and make your programs more attractive, down to your most specialized Group X classes.

And accelerate the online registration process using our Quick Guest feature. Based on your club rules, display only minimum required fields during the sign-up process. Maximize resources in the background, while allowing members to book classes at their speed.

  • Enforce enrollment requirements with a full range of set-up options.
  • Request an electronic signature for a waiver.
  • Give customers the freedom – where applicable - to make a donation.
  • Expand your online services to include Group X classes


Scheduler makes your complete club schedule available online. Members can access the program from anywhere, at any time, booking tennis and racquetball courts, as well as personal trainers and physical therapy. Customize and control booking requirements for up to 50 viewable schedules. Let SpectrumNG do the scheduling for you.

  • Allow customers to choose date, time and duration for any scheduled service.
  • Control guest access to any scheduled service.
  • Indicate if payment is required at the time of any online booking.

Auto-pay Options

Offer members flexible and secure auto-pay options through Online Services. We now have enhanced options for adding, activating and switching bank or credit card information on the fly. Today’s consumer-driven market demands more choices, and OLS can satisfy your members’ preferred payment methods using seamless, secure features.

  • Switch auto-pay methods from bank draft to credit card.
  • Update any existing auto-pay form in a hassle-free environment.
  • Choose to limit member options to bank account draft, or credit card draft.

OLS Employee Benefits

Your employees will enjoy the power and convenience of Online Services, too. Access new features for booking, billing and marketing – a faster, more efficient way to lock-in revenue, and provide deeper customer engagement. Perfect for trainers and instructors, OLS starts by empowering employees to directly book and bill services.

  • Accept credit card payments for an employee’s Scheduler reservations.
  • Sell a series sales package or redeem a member gift card.
  • Charge fees to a member account for online charges.

And OLS offers creative ways for your customer-facing employees to build better relationships with members. Create an instructor bio or personal web page and encourage online customers to link to backgrounds and certifications - information and trust that make a difference. And provide all your trainers and instructors with e-mail addresses during setup. With dedicated e-mail, members can go direct to the source with questions and concerns, bypassing the front desk while making valuable connections with your training staff.