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Take Care of Your Most Loyal Customers

Protect your customer relationships and ensure loyalty throughout your membership with CSI Loyalty Program, an automated platform for awarding points.

Loyalty Program delivers powerful data and functionality – the technology required to run a state-of-the art rewards program. It also delivers the right expertise to differentiate your club from the competition and showcase strategic aspects of your club using a proven method for keeping customers coming back to your facility.

Give points to long-term members. Reward referrals. Encourage members to book more appointments. Determine exactly what incentives to offer, and how long to do it. Loyalty Program is flexible and can impact any of your customer-facing departments. Design your rewards program to reflect your brand and nurture relationships. And let SpectrumNG handle the execution because we specialize in making your loyalty data count.

Loyalty / Rewards Program Benefits

  • Automate your entire rewards program with dedicated features.
  • Determine program participants based on your specific club rules.
  • Integrate with SpectrumNG and leverage the Facility Management suite of modules.

Rewards In Action

Rewards definitions are controlled by your club’s corporate, or main office. Implement the same rewards program across multiple sites, or tailor individual programs for each site. Defining Eligibility Eligibility criteria will help identify participants in your rewards program. Membership types, member codes, member status and relationship are criteria clubs can use to initiate a program.

SpectrumNG defaults all membership types and codes, making them eligible for your rewards program. You can also choose specific membership types or codes for eligibility to customize individual club programs. Also, members of any status or relationships are eligible participants. But, based on program design, you can restrict any member status. For example, make a program exclusive to full members.

Defining Reward Rules

Members can earn points for checking in, spending money, and making appointments or bookings at your facility. Define both the type and amount of points a participant can earn as a function of reward rules. Award points for things like new member referrals or length of membership.

Awarding Activity Points

  • Award points for each member check-in, or check-ins after a targeted number of check-ins.
  • Determine a value of points for each check-in based on your rules.
  • Account for and reward multiple check-ins per day.

Kid Care Check-in

  • Award points for each kid check-in, or check-ins after a targeted number of check-ins.
  • Give points for member check-ins and double those points for kid check-ins at your child care facility.

Appointments or Bookings

  • Award points based on bookings in the Facility Management suite of modules.
  • Utilize Spa Management, Program Registration, Scheduler, Group X, Camp and Event Management modules for your program.
  • Designate points per booking, or a pre-determined number of bookings before awarding points.

Money or Dollars Spent

  • Award points based on a pre-determined dollar spend at your facility.
  • Promote certain product categories by awarding points only to specific, promotional items.

Loyalty Points

  • Award points for a member’s tenure based on flexible criteria.
  • Set up a stretch target that rewards points after a pre-determined number of membership years.
  • Configure built-in, weighted variables and reward more tenured members.
  • Keep the math simple and assign a specific value for each membership year.
  • Reward members for referring a new member.

Defining Levels

Define levels in Loyalty Program based on a minimum number of points associated with each level. Each level is defined by a level name, a level description, and the designated number of points required to reach each level. Give your members goals to attain - an incentive to get more out of your facility. And reward levels will be displayed on member screens throughout SpectrumNG, making it easy for your staff to acknowledge top spenders and more active members.

Defining Promotions

Use Loyalty Program to promote strategic assets within your club. Book more spa appointments. Move more traffic through your Group X classes. Sell more gear in your pro shop. Rewarding certain member actions and stimulating buyer behavior is not only good business, but also capitalizes on the diversity of your club.

Promotions are set up and initiated by certain inputs: promotional period, points to earn, name and description, and applicable rewards area. You can set up multiple promotions based on a promotional schedule, but only one promotion will be active at a given time. Promotional points are added to a member’s overall rewards total.

Member Rewards Information

In this section, your staff can view a member’s reward points and information. The initial member list will display each member’s “Reward Status” and eligibility based on pre-determined criteria. You can add or remove a member based on status.

Locate a member and review reward points data: Rewards Start Date, Total Points, Level Name – or current member level - and Points Earned Through. Points Earned Through lists each area points were earned, and more detail regarding points earned for each area.

Transaction Listing

Your club can use the transaction listing to view parameters of points earned. Transaction listing provides date, time, points earned, and how those points were earned, or accumulated.