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A Smarter Way to Manage Kids.

Today, being a full-service club means taking care of the entire family. And CSI Kid Care delivers the right functionality for taking great care of children while parents work out. Streamline scheduling, administration and billing for your child-care facility. Ask the right questions, capture the right data, provide the right experience, and send a reassuring message to your members that don’t take childcare for granted.

Kid Care is the perfect solution for managing that “younger” department in your club with unique needs and special demands. CSI Software knows your child-care facility is more than just an ancillary service – it’s now a selling point, attracting and retaining members. And with Kid Care’s rich feature set and user-friendly functions, you can organize and automate disruptive tasks, and get back to focusing on the kids.

Track the time children spend on your watch. Separate kids based on age and needs. Set different kid-to-employee ratios by room. Charge different rates based on specific criteria. Ensure all kids are handed off to the correct guardian. And get detailed reports of facility usage and user trends. SpectrumNG’s Kid Care module was designed to help facilitate trusted, professional childcare because it’s one of the most important things you do.

Kid Care Benefits

  • Track children, parents or designated guardians for safety and security.
  • Build a user-friendly database of valuable details about kids in your care.
  • Bill for services through SpectrumNG’s fully integrated platform.
  • Speed traffic flows and enhance the full-service club experience.
  • Develop a professional child-care facility based on trust and accountability.

Kid Care in Action

Kid Care setup defines all the inputs and variables needed to operate your facility at full strength. Start by setting up the auto-numbering system for adding kids to your database. Then, designate your club employee responsible for the Kid Zone areas.

Organize a series of user-defined fields specific to Kid Care. Enter critical information about each kid into these fields, including allergies and medical alerts.

Whether physical or virtual, Room Setup builds unique rooms in your Kid Zone area. This segments kids by age group, satisfies kid-to-employee ratios, and charges appropriate rates for different groups. Infants, toddlers, and school-aged children can have individual rooms because Kid Care is custom fit for your child-care needs.

Use Room Schedule and Provider Schedule to target available rooms, and properly staff employees for designated rooms based on your mix of programs. If your hours of operation vary for different age groups, Kid Care accounts for any carryover or gaps built into your schedule.

  • Design your Kid Zone area to match available resources.
  • Segment and assign based on rooms, kids and employees.
  • Generate accurate bills according to precise, customizable variables.

Guardian & Child Management

Track children matched to an authorized guardian through the Guardian Management screen. If currently a member, the child can be linked to other club members from the same family, making all family members on the same account guardians. Add non-member children of existing members to the system. Add non-member guardians for unique circumstances. Enter grandparents, family friends and emergency contacts for safe, efficient traffic flow.

Or, work in reverse from the Child Management screen. Start with the child’s account and edit user-defined fields just like the Guardian Management screen. Make changes or supplement with additional guardians authorized to drop off or pick up.

Check In

Kid Care provides a fast and easy map to any member’s child-care data. Scan a member’s card and access relevant information for both the child and adult, including all children a member is linked to as a guardian. Select each kid being dropped off, enter the guardian’s club destination, and the member is off to work out.

Based on your policies, use SpectrumNG – through the Point of Sale module - to charge fees for using your child-care facility. Even print a customized nametag for each kid upon arrival, ensuring your staff meets any predetermined needs. Kid Care is the perfect interface for members making a smooth transition from kids to club.

Day View

The Day View screen becomes the home page for your Kid Zone staff. It’s a snapshot of your facility on any given day. Drill down to each kid and identify the guardian that dropped off, drop-off time, guardian location and total time in the facility. Backtrack with the same information for kids that have already been picked up, including paid or unpaid fees associated with the child’s stay. It’s really an intelligent tool for keeping all your kids safe and sound.