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Inventory is No Longer a Numbers Game.

CSI Software’s new Inventory Enhancements enable your club to gain control and increase visibility of your inventory. View, adjust and track on an itemized basis through powerful features and functionality. Save time and money using an automated, integrated system that delivers inventory to the right people, at the right time.

Add new inventory by size, color, style or design. Quickly indentify precise inventory numbers for each of your locations. Even handle purchase orders for multiple sites. Manage stock, move more products, and get the execution right because our Inventory Enhancements will optimize your most demanding inventory needs.

Inventory Benefits

  • Access, adjust and transfer available inventory from multiple sites.
  • Get instant, detailed views of your entire inventory.
  • Track inventory using robust selections for pinpoint control.
  • Enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG for an end-to-end inventory solution.

Inventory Enhancements in Action

The new Inventory Enhancements allow you to centralize inventory with a laser focus on products and purchase orders. Enter purchase orders for your entire organization. Order inventory by size, style, brand and color for each of your designated sites.

  • E-mail purchase orders in an instant.
  • Enter a “cancel date” on any purchase order.
  • Create purchase orders using alphanumeric entry.

Inventory product setup helps you build a flexible inventory system, tailored for your needs, through customizable features.

  • Enter size, style and color during inventory setup.
  • Utilize sizing scales with each inventory item.
  • Set up unique class distinctions, or different levels of departments.

Site and User Level

With our new Inventory Enhancements, individual sites can track negative on-hand. Meaning you can account for inventory quantities that go below zero. Now, track and report off a negative count.

Program Level

Pick any inventory item and get a quick snapshot of critical information through our new view inventory screen. Drill down and search item by item for any category, code, name, vendor or scan code. Instantly view selected data, including cost, vendor information, receiving information, available quantity and quantity sold-to-date. Even identify the last date an item was sold. Your staff will find everything required for a fast, accurate search.

And when moving items from site to site, create a transfer slip and ensure a seamless operation. Use a transfer slip to attach items sent to your chosen site.


Inventory Enhancement is integrated with POS, enabling your staff to look up on-hand inventory across all sites - across your entire inventory chain.

Start a search using an item-by-item code, scan code, or description. Then scan a list and locate your chosen item. After targeting an item, you will be able to view sites holding that inventory selection. Selected items will be displayed on a separate screen. And from this screen, you can view inventory distinctions such as color, size and style, as well as locations with similar on-hand inventory.

Using the new Inventory Enhancements, you can also edit item descriptions at point of sale. Create this option in POS setup.