Is SpectrumNG right for your business?

SpectrumNG is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a SpectrumNG demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare SpectrumNG with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Build a Smarter Business.

CSI Business Intelligence turns big, complex data into higher performance. Regardless of employee position or perspective, SpectrumNG gathers, analyzes and distributes critical information to your entire staff through one, integrated solution.

Take a quick snapshot, or pull a detailed report. Business Intelligence delivers tactical support to any member of your staff wherever, or whenever, it’s needed.

Clubs operate today in a dynamic environment. Tough competition, savvy customers and industry sophistication require clubs to expect more from their BI software. SpectrumNG fuses Reporting, Analysis, Scorecards and Dashboards into one concise view for not just managing your environment, but creating your future.

Valuable BI means actionable insight into key drivers impacting your club’s success. CSI Business Intelligence aligns your objectives with past, present and future data, making a huge impact on the bottom line.

Make fast, informed decisions about your business. Explore new opportunities for growth and efficiency. Develop your strategy based on powerful analytics. Let SpectrumNG take the collective intelligence of your club to a higher level.

Business Intelligence Benefits

  • Get the right information, at the right time, and make smarter business decisions.
  • Enjoy fast access to accurate, quality data delivered in a graphics-rich format.
  • Gather, organize and share critical information to all levels of your organization.
  • Implement forward-thinking solutions based on advanced, predictive analyses.
  • Connect to one platform and eliminate fragmented data from different sources.

Business Intelligence in Action

SpectrumNG generates a unified view of your club’s business from a proven workflow. Reporting, Analysis, Scorecards and Dashboards are user-friendly tools for accessing information, exploring opportunities and leveraging insight. Report with confidence and crunch time. Make your club smarter, the essence of BI.


CSI Business Intelligence displays critical data pulled from key areas of your club into one dashboard. Think of it as a container holding reports and scorecards, all translated into sharp, concise visuals that dictate strategy and boost performance. Charts, graphs and maps produced in crisp graphics, and displayed in a familiar format, making club intelligence easy to share and understand. BI Dashboards give you a clear picture of your current organization and a pathway to future success.

  • Get one, simple view of your business “at a glance” and make faster decisions.
  • View, refresh, and analyze complex data in real time.
  • Unify and mesh data from different areas of your club and summarize performance.
  • Bring your data to life with 3D charts, color-coded maps and animated speedometers.


Business Intelligence pulls more than just data. It pulls your management team together to make collaborative decisions based on custom analytics and trusted information. Explore broad scopes of data from a single source. Engage your entire team and share valuable insight.

Go from being reactive to predictive, static to strategic, because SpectrumNG powers your collective intelligence with analytics designed for everyone to make smarter decisions. Make BI your engine for solving problems and boosting growth.

  • Organize data into logical categories including fiscal periods, locations/regions and product groups.
  • Slice and dice complex data groups and view different levels of detail.
  • Move from summary to detail, cube to cube, and target the exact information you need.
  • Drill down, rank, sort, forecast and nest information to reveal trends, causes and effects.
  • View and analyze both data relationships and historical evidence that drive new perspectives.