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Once you have established customer orders, the next step in the sales cycle can be cutting the appropriate pieces of flooring, such as carpet or linoleum, to the sizes prescribed in the Order. Many flooring retailers have their own carpet cutting machines, such as the Arrow or IVC models from Accu-Cut. The CRW Cut Scheduling System provides an automated link from the sales-based-ordering system, such as the CRW Flooring System, to the Accu-Cut cutting machine. This link provides a slick and quick method for the retailer’s salespeople to send cut information to the back room cutting equipment. This link removes the chance for human error in transcribing the carpet style, color, and length required, and also updates the inventory after cutting the carpet so that the inventory system is always up-to-the minute accurate.

The cutting machine software provides automated label printing with bar-codes for both the customer’s cut, and the remaining roll balance. The remaining roll balance label is applied to the roll after the cut is made, so the back-room staff can easily identify the remaining length of the roll at any point in time simply by looking at the roll label. The customer cut label provides the customer name, job name, job address, etc, enabling shipping to ensure they are sending the correct pieces of cut carpet to the jobsite.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Cutting Machine:

"Cutting Machine" is part of the CRW Flooring System line of products, developed by CRW Systems.