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Call Data Screen - utilizes drop down selections for drivers, EMT1’s and EMT2’s. As well, times are edited for completeness and accuracy. The loaded kilometers and any other chargeable items are carried forward to the Billing Screen.

Patient Data Screen - enables a lookup of existing patients by initials to simplify the demographics. The next of kin address can be copies if the address is the same. The ‘Responsible for Payment’ includes the ability to select any agency in the customer table or assign payment to the patient.

Assessment /Injuries Screens - These screens include a series of tick boxes and an Injury Diagrams of the front, back and head. This Injury screen can be updated by clicking on the body part(s) and on the injury type. All injuries can be captured.

Vitals Screen - All vitals are captured consistently using a series of tick boxes and text boxes. As many sets of vitals as are needed can be captured.

Advanced Skills - The intubation, pulse, oximetry and IV starts are all captured in this advanced skills screen. Each of these skills require EMT license number recording. Multiple attempts are recorded here.

Procedures and Medication Log - This also relates to advanced skills. A drop down menu is available for procedures and the standard provincial procedures are loaded to the table for selection. As well, the medications are available for recording. The system is capable of recording as many procedures and medications as has been administrated.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Services Data Collection:

"Services Data Collection" is part of the CRW Ambulance System line of products, developed by CRW Systems.