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FasTrac 109

A multi-module management system designed by CrossBorder Solutions.
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FasTrac 109 is your complete reporting solution. This product will automate the generation process of both FAS 109 and FIN 48. FasTrac 109 uses databases to collect necessary information and generate reports.

FAS 109 Compliance

FasTrac 109 will effortlessly collect and store data for later generation of the FAS 109 tax form. This software product will calculate your provisions and procedures to produce an accurate audit trail of your project. Data stored in the database can be rolled forward and incorporated in provisions for the next quarter or year.

UTP Module

The UTP (Uncertain Tax Position) module is essentially an expansion package to the original FasTrac 109 software. This software allows you to perform Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes (FIN 48). This module includes the two-step approach to UTP examination and disclosure. Additionally this module enables you to calculate interest for unpaid tax, track penalties, and reports that reconcile each uncertain tax position.

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