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CreditPoint Software

A developer of business management software.

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CreditPoint Software was founded in 2000, with you in mind. Our President and founder is a former credit professional, who realized there was a better way to help companies manage their credit and collections processes. So, with more than 20 years experience on his side, he assembled a team of similarly experienced and dedicated professionals, with the mission of creating the most comprehensive commercial credit risk and collections solution available. From small and medium sized companies, all the way up to Fortune 50, CreditPoint serves a myriad of business types and sizes. And with users on 5 different continents, we are a truly global company.

How We Guarantee Your Success

Too often, companies buy a new application, but it never quite delivers. At CreditPoint, we understand that your success starts during the implementation and training process. With this in mind, we employ a proven methodology that has been used successfully within some of the largest and most complex corporate environments in the world. The process begins with a 2 day on-site Planning and Discovery Meeting. The goal of this meeting is to:

  • Identify people and roles
  • Thoroughly understand and document current business needs and process
  • Clarify expectations, goals and objectives of the implementation
  • Review project plan, identify dates and responsibilities

We then apply that knowledge to configure our application in a way that best meets your needs - utilizing industry best practices whenever possible. Our process includes multiple client checkpoints along the way to 100% guarantee we are delivering a solution that meets your expectations.

  • Weekly conference call and WebEx with key team members to review project progress
  • Weekly status report provided to document progress, deadlines and expectations
  • Specialized calls when needed with core team members to discuss specific larger tasks

And through our online tracking tool, new clients are able to check on every aspect of the project 24/7. This includes:

  • Entire project plan updated real-time available 24/7
  • Decision document outlining major decisions during the project
  • Full list of to-do’s for both organizations for resource planning
  • File storage for entire project (deliverable documents, data integration files, etc)
  • Issues list to track any issues by ticket number

Throughout every stage of the process, a partnership with CreditPoint Software is all about delivering the solution you expect and need. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and show you how the entire CreditPoint team is dedicated to your success.

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  • PayPoint

    A collection software system designed by CreditPoint Software.

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