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El Dorado Utility Software

Our goal at Creative Technologies is to deliver our customers with a full featured, reliable utility billing solution with world-class service and support. We are committed to driving improvements in information technology efficiency helping all of our customers cut billing costs return money to the bottom line. Our solutions are innovative, capable and affordable.

Our Leadership and Staff

We are a fast growing privately held minority owned California Corporation that complies with the Presidential Executive Orders #12138 and #11625 regarding utilization of MBE/WBE firms. Our leadership has over 20+ years in technology experience. Our primary company charter is to deliver innovation and new leading edge solutions to the water, gas and electric billing industry. We maintain separate staff for sales, development and product support to best meet our customer’s goals.

Our solutions include:

  • Out of the box functional software that is easy to set up and administer
  • Custom feature development
  • Data migration from existing billing systems
  • Training
  • Integration with 3rd party applications

Company History

Eldorado Utility Billing software has been a leading utility billing software since 1984. Originally distributed as El Dorado Softworld the product has shipped over 2,100 copies and developed more than 12 versions in three languages over the past 25 years. We specialize in delivery powerful software solutions for small to medium size business in the utility billing industry. Our customers include water municipalities, gas, sewer, electric, waste management facilities as well as property management firms, mobile home parks and apartment complexes.

Product Lines

Market Focus

Evaluations of Creative Technologies products by market segment:

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