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Easy, efficient job planning results in on-time deliveries and improved profitability. Our Automatic Data Collection provides the real-time status of every job, operation, material, and employee while automatically updating the schedule, inventory levels, payroll records, and dashboards. Our software streamlines your production workflow leading to faster production, lower costs, and increased accuracy.

  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Customizable Job Tickets
  • Combo Jobs and Ganging Options
  • Tracking and Notification of Job Alterations
  • Extensive Job Cost Reporting
  • Forward, Backward, and Midpoint Scheduling
  • Actual versus Estimated Analysis
  • Raw Material Allocation


We offer extensive Costing options designed to generate and maintain job records and track time, material, and outside purchase costs against individual jobs or groups of jobs. Costing handles Make and Ship, Finished Goods Production, Finished Goods Releases, Job specifications, bill to and ship to information, sales repesentative, customer service repesentative, previous job, price quote, and general ledger account distributions are established with ease. Job jackets can be created automatically with information generated from estimating and routed throughout the plant. Other Costing features include:

  • Customer Change Authorization Tracking
  • WIP, COGS, and Historical Analysis and Reporting
  • Estimated versus Actual Analysis
  • Combo and Ganging Cost Options
  • Budgeted Hourly Rates
  • Absorption and Standard Costing Options

Automatic Data Collection

In addition to capturing shop floor transactions, our Automatic Data Collection provides real-time status of every job, operation, material, and employee. By automatically updating the schedule, inventory levels, payroll records, and dashboards, your managers can anticipate issues and optimize workflows; driving profits to your bottom line. Some key benefits of our Automatic Data Collection solution include:

  • Ability to Categorize Transactions as Chargeable, Non-Chargeable, Productive, or Non-Productive
  • Flag Transactions as Normal, Change Alterations, or Rework
  • Accommodates Ganging and Combo-Job Requirements
  • Internal Clock to Eliminate the Need to Enter Start and Stop Times
  • Compatible with Bar Code Laser Wands and Touch Screen Monitors
  • Online Validation of Employees and Cost Centers
  • Select a 60 or 100 Minute Clock

Job Planning

Efficient Job Planning results in on-time deliveries and improved profitability. The ability to locate bottlenecks quickly in individual departments helps keep minor problems from becoming major ones. We offer the tools that lead to faster production, lower costs, and increased accuracy:

  • Quickly Convert Estimates to Jobs
  • Integrated Credit Checking
  • Combo Jobs and Ganging Options
  • Customizable Job Tickets
  • Allocate Raw Materials and Record Purchases
  • Track and Notify Billing of Job Alterations
  • Production Questions Prompting
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling Integration
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Barcodes for Fast and Accurate Entry
  • High Degree of Automation


Our Drag and Drop Scheduling keeps shipments going out on time. With built in tools for reviewing “What If” scenarios, multiple schedule views, and a color-coded alert system, your production manager is armed to combat whatever issues may arise. Other key features include:

  • Intuitive Setup Programs
  • Multiple Shift Options
  • Blackout Dates
  • Definable and Scalable Views
  • User-Defined Job Status Codes
  • Both Manual and Automatic Scheduling Options
  • Forward, Backward, and Midpoint Scheduling


Shipping enables you to track all packing, shipping, and receiving information for jobs and finished goods orders by shipping destination. You can enter multiple shipping addresses and shipping dates for each job or finished goods order during the order entry process, improving your ability to track complex orders. Shipping also provides the following:

  • Enable Multiple Location Entry
  • Enable Entry of a Freight Amount
  • Prompt for Ship Via
  • Prompt for Waybill Number
  • Select Default Shipping Cost Center
  • Interface to Clippership® Multi-Carrier Shipping System
  • Carry a Freight Amount to Invoicing
  • Force Shipping Distribution to Balance
  • Print Packing Lists and Shipping Labels
  • Force Shipping Distribution to Balance


We offer comprehensive Tracking programs which help you create, maintain, and analyze detailed records on everything from jobs and quotes to artwork and proofs. Some of the available Tracking options include:

  • Won/Lost Estimates
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Customer Change Alterations
  • Safety Management
  • Spoilage
  • Images
  • Proofs
  • Art
  • Dies
  • Plates
  • Inks

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Production:

"Production" is part of the CRC line of products, developed by CRC Information Systems.