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Proper Inventory management is essential to avoid unnecessary inventory purchases and production bottlenecks. We provide the solutions to increase throughput by giving you the confidence to perform at minimum stocking levels. With built in reconciliations for physical inventory adjustments, purchase orders, material receipts, damage roll tracking, spoilage tracking, and shipment cost recording, you can be confident the appropriate costs are being recorded and more importantly, billed. Other inherent features and benefits include:

  • FIFO and Weighted Average Calculations
  • Full Roll Inventory Capabilities
  • Automatically Allocate Material to Jobs
  • Order, Receive, and Use in Varying Units
  • Real-time access to Outside PO Status
  • Barcode Labels Improve Speed and Accuracy
  • Roll Traceability and Mill Number Tracking
  • User-Defined Classification Structure
  • 24 Months of Usage and Receipts Graphing


Our Fulfillment offerings provide the tools necessary to manage the flow of made-to-order, made-to-stock, and quasi finished products into and out of your finished goods inventory. Our Kitting solution enables you to define and track “kitted” assemblies of items at the component level. And our Warehouse Management allows you to distribute finished goods throughout up to 99 different warehouses. Also, you may set up and maintain a virtually unlimited number of locations within each warehouse. Other features include:

  • Perpetual Inventory Balances
  • Valuation and Analysis Reports
  • Ability to Release and Track Purchase Orders
  • Integrated with Image Tracking
  • Store and Retrieve Specifications on Repeat Products
  • Price Matrices
  • Months of Usage and Receipts
  • Reorder Point Analysis

Raw Material

Our Raw Material Inventory solution assists you in improving control of your inventory. It provides up-to-date information for improving your decision making and reducing inventory while keeping tight operating and auditing controls. These objectives help control inventory levels while maintaining delivery schedules. It offers a definitive end-of-the-month cutoff for valuation purposes and simultaneously handles day-to-day costing transactions showing the actual inventory values. Important capabilities include:

  • Perpetual Inventory Balances
  • Valuation and Analysis Reports
  • Ability to Release and Track Purchase Orders
  • A Five-Tier, User-Defined Classification Structure
  • Integration with the Image Tracking
  • Physical Inventory Programs
  • Bar Code Options
  • Numeric or Alphanumeric Item Numbering
  • Twenty-Four Months of Usage, Spoilage, Adjustments, and Receipts


The Roll Inventory module provides you with the ability to inventory roll stock by individual rolls and bar codes. Usage transmissions are handled through devices associated with automatic data collection. Web breaks, roll allocations, history reporting, and roll usage projections can be handled easily. Many other options are available with the Roll Inventory module:

  • Auto-Assignment of Roll Number
  • User-Defined U/M: Pounds or Linear Feet
  • Optional Mill Number Tracking
  • Complete Damage Recording System
  • Instant Roll Tracking Inquiry
  • Physical Inventory: Manual
  • Physical Inventory: Bar Code Scanner
  • Job Costing by Roll Cost
  • Job Cost Usage by Bar Code Wand
  • Average Price Per Basis Weight Reporting
  • Manifest Master Listings

Spare Parts

Spare Parts Inventory assists you in improving control of spare parts used in preventive maintenance. The overall objectives of Spare Parts Inventory are to provide up-to-date information for improving decision making and reducing spare parts inventory and to maintain tight operating and auditing controls. Meeting these objectives helps control inventory levels and enables you to plan effectively for future purchases. Important features include:

  • Perpetual Inventory Balances
  • Valuation and Analysis Reports
  • Ability to Release and Track Purchase Orders
  • Twenty-Four Months of Usage and Receipts
  • Month-to-Month Graphic Options Identify Slippage

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the CRC line of products, developed by CRC Information Systems.