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As the leading provider of estimating solutions to the graphic arts industry, we extend the capabilities of our clients and increase their opportunities for growth. Our estimating solutions are designed to accommodate virtually any production scenario and are very easy to use. Estimating follows the pricing standards you create, based on your specific equipment and available resources. Our solutions accurately calculate costs tied to your established rates to insure the maximum return on each estimate. Many unique and powerful features can be found in our estimating solutions, such as:

  • Industry Specific Estimating Tools
  • Won / Lost Tracking
  • Best Press Decision Making
  • “What if” scenarios
  • Templates and Impositions
  • Price Book and Cost Plus Estimating
  • Shipping Container Determination
  • Auto Material Allocation and Requisitioning
  • Up to 10 Quantity Breaks
  • Multiple Points for Markups

Book Printing

CRC’s Book Print Estimating combines power and flexibility into an easy-to-use solution.s Book Print Estimating combines power and flexibility into an easy-to-use solution. It will easily handle cover options, standard trim sizes, and is capable of calculating a variety of bind styles. Other features include:

  • Estimates all Types of Books and Bind Types from Perfect Bound to a Concealed Wire-O
  • Ability to Create Alternates
  • Ability to Split Editions
  • Split Binding
  • Up to Ten (10) Estimated Quantities
  • Case Binding Cost Tables and Calculations
  • Additional Finishing Operations
  • Ability to Stipulate a Press as Unavailable for Calculations
  • Add Additional Items without Mark-Ups
  • Override Individual Mark-Ups and Final Selling
  • Incorporates Positive and Negative Pricing Tiers
  • Quote Multiple Stocks on Same Estimate
  • Job Quotations Integration

Business Forms Estimating

A key feature of the Forms Estimating module is the ability to quickly and easily produce a firm selling price per thousand and a complete time and material breakdown over the phone. You can discuss the job specifications with your customer, arrive at the price, and examine the costs. Forms Estimating provides the best features of both price book and cost-plus estimating. You define all of the factors necessary to determine the price and the costs. Forms Estimating Provides:

  • 99 Sets of Standards
  • Estimate Templates
  • 999,999 Estimates Online
  • On-Demand Estimate Searches
  • Templates for Stock and Short-Runs
  • Multiple Features Pricing Options

Commercial Print Estimating

We consider estimating to be the hub of the entire system and an absolute necessity if you are to have a superior scheduling, costing, quotation, and inventory control system. A key feature of Commercial Estimating is the ability to quickly and easily handle the many questions that arise each day. Commercial Estimating offers:

  • Ease of Use
  • Job Quotations Integration for Minimal Entry
  • Best Press Decision Making
  • Minimized Overrides
  • Utilizes Impression / Hour Curves
  • Forms Handled Automatically (16 / 8 / 4)
  • Utilizes Spoilage Curves
  • Copy One Estimate to Another
  • Sheetfed / Sheeting / Perfecting Presses
  • Unlimited Special Finishing Options
  • Tracking Hit Rates

Screen Print Estimating

Commercial Screen Print Estimating is the most comprehensive and versatile estimating system available to the commercial screen printing industry. It is loaded with tools and features designed to accommodate the unique requirements of commercial flat-sheet and graphic screen printers, and it is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of materials and operations. The key features include:

  • Customized Standards Accommodate all Your Production Scenarios
  • Auto Creation of Raw Materials
  • Integrated Art Library
  • Activity Groups for Increased Speed
  • Price List and Cost Up Calculation Methods
  • Standard Products Library

Digital Print Estimating

Digital printing technologies pervade virtually every segment of the graphic arts industry. Consequently, CRC has included advanced, flexible, features to accommodate the wide variety of digital equipment within each segment. Whether estimating sheets using per click charges or dollars per square foot, CRC offers estimating solutions designed to meet your requirements:

  • Supports Variable and Constant Per Click Charges
  • Multiple Standards Accommodate All Production and “What If” Scenarios
  • Activity Creation Feature Allows Design of Any Calculation Required
  • Press Sheet or Square Foot Estimating and Pricing
  • Advanced Template Features Provide Speed, Accuracy, and Consistency
  • Both “Per Click” and “Cost Plus Markup” Operations Supported in a Single Estimate

Envelope Print Estimating

CRC’s Envelope Estimating module was specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of envelope manufacturers. It takes into consideration all aspects of the industry and provides estimators with an intuitive, easy-to-use vehicle for entering a wide variety of job specifications and calculates costs and final selling prices in an instant. Some of the capabilities of Envelope Estimating include:

  • Ability to Create New Estimates from Previous Estimates
  • Copy Estimate Info at the Revision and Sub Job Levels
  • Auto-Job-Creation
  • Auto Material Allocation
  • Incorporate Individual Calculation Routines
  • Press Feasibility Determination
  • Combine Jobs at Folding, Cutting, and Jetting Stages
  • Auto Determination Shipping Containers
  • Graphical Representation of Envelope Layout

Flexible Packaging Estimating

Flexible Packaging converting is a unique segment within graphic arts, with calculations, terminology, and considerations not found in other markets. Consequently, CRC has crafted an estimating and job management solution designed to address the specific requirements of the Flexible Package converting industry. Features include:

  • Full Version Tracking
  • Total Footage and Total / Net MSI Calculations
  • Roll-to-Roll Process
  • “Gang” Run Multiple Products Reducing Make-Readies and Clean Up
  • Complete Roll Traceability
  • Complete Audit Trail of Materials

Folding Carton Manufacturer Estimating

CRC designed Folding Carton Estimating for companies that need a fast, accurate, and complete estimate for their work. From standards setup, to estimate entry, to the final printout, users have all the tools they need to generate accurate, cost-based pricing. Folding Carton Estimating highlights include:

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Speed of Entry
  • Up to 99 items and 99 print / die layouts
  • Auto Calculates the Most Cost Effective Layout
  • Estimator Overrides
  • Calculates the Contribution and Board Percent for Each Item
  • “What If” Scenarios
  • User-Definable Style File, Board, and Material Standards

Label Manufacturer Estimating

Label Estimating is a dynamic and comprehensive tool that enables the estimator to enter up to six quantities and provides you with maximum flexibility. It handles various printing processes including Letterpress, Screen Print, Offset, Hot Stamp, Rotary Letterpress, and Flexo. Some of the key features include:

  • Decision Making for Equipment Check Compatibility
  • Forced Die/Press Entry
  • Auto-Selection of Press and Compatible Die
  • Allows a +/- Size Range for Die Selection
  • Blank Labels
  • Ability to Create New Dies
  • Multiple Setup Processes per Press
  • Multiple Slowdowns per Press
  • On and Offline Finishing / Shipping Processes
  • Customer Markups
  • Additional Flat Charge Entry
  • Additional per 1000 Charge Entry
  • Estimate Comments

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Estimating:

"Estimating" is part of the CRC line of products, developed by CRC Information Systems.