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In addition to capturing shop floor transactions, our Automatic Data Collection provides real-time status of every job, operation, material, and employee. By automatically updating the schedule, inventory levels, payroll records, and dashboards, your managers can anticipate issues and optimize workflows; driving profits to your bottom line. Some key benefits of our Automatic Data Collection solution include:

  • Ability to Categorize Transactions as Chargeable, Non-Chargeable, Productive, or Non-Productive
  • Flag Transactions as Normal, Change Alterations, or Rework
  • Accommodates Ganging and Combo-Job Requirements
  • Internal Clock to Eliminate the Need to Enter Start and Stop Times
  • Compatible with Bar Code Laser Wands and Touch Screen Monitors
  • Online Validation of Employees and Cost Centers
  • Select a 60 or 100 Minute Clock

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Automatic Data Collection:

"Automatic Data Collection" is part of the CRC line of products, developed by CRC Information Systems.