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CRC Information Systems

A developer of business management software.

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At CRC all of our efforts are focused on providing the graphic arts industry the most comprehensive and fully integrated business management solutions. The software has been continuously improved for the past 30 years and is used daily to handle the operations of thousands of users. As a result of our solutions, our customers generate more sales, retain more profit, have better visibility of their operations and improve their relationships with their customers.

CRC is able to offer a degree of integration, functionality and system integrations that is unique in the graphic arts industry.

CRC has written every line of its application code with their in-house development staff that is exclusively focused on producing software for the graphic arts industry.

We deliver focused business management software solutions, comprehensive training and conversion services that support every aspect of the graphic Arts industry.

CRC has very satisfied customers and is able to maintain this level of satisfaction by listening to their needs and providing solutions and support in a consistent and professional manner.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1978 to provide business management software to the graphic arts industry; Acquired by The Reynolds and Reynolds Company in 2008.
  • Operations headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona with corporate headquarters in Dayton, Ohio; approximately 6,000 associates worldwide.
  • Provides software solutions throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • Recognized as providing the graphic arts industry with the most comprehensive and fully integrated business management solutions on the market.

Product Lines

  • CRC

    A full ERP system designed by CRC Information Systems for commercial & service companies.

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