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Timely Inventory Information = Profits

Inventory control is the cornerstone of any distribution, reseller and retail business and is essential to profitable operations. The ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently is critical to managing inventory levels in order to control your company’s budget and resources. The Stream V™ Inventory/Warehousing module maintains the most accurate, easy to access, real-time inventory available today.

Multi-location Functionality

The Stream V™ Inventory module allows the use of unlimited warehouse locations. Multiple operators can update inventory information in multiple locations simultaneously. Transferring inventory among warehouses takes place on-line to assure immediate availability at the destination warehouse. Companies shipping to remote warehouses can easily implement the Inter-Facility Transfer System to more accurately reflect inventory availability.

Transactional Processing

The Stream V™ Inventory Control module is an on-line, real-time, transactional system with activity pertaining to inventory recorded in an inventory transaction file. This provides management with the audit trail necessary to ensure correct product flow. Extensive reports can be produced from the inventory activity file for in-depth management analysis of stocking levels and usage requirements.

Tracking of on hand, reserved (orders in house from customers), on order (orders placed with vendors), and work in process(WIP) is a simple and straightforward process. Quantities on order from customers are tracked both as “total reserved” and the quantity reserved for shipment in the current “scheduling window”.


  • Warehouse Management
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Auto Allocation
  • Bin Tracking
  • Catalog Management
  • Multiple Locations
  • On-line Access
  • Vendor Link
  • Bar Codes
  • Digital Document Support on all records
  • Extensive Note Files
  • Outlook Interface
  • Invoice Status and Lookup
  • Returns Lookup
  • Special Pricing and Buying Group Maintenance
  • Catalog Look Up

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