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One Screen Sales Headquarters

The Customer Relationship Module is a powerful application which can be used to perform a variety of customer service and marketing tasks. The CRM module is completely integrated with the other modules in the Stream V™ system, and it allows you to access a large number of programs with a minimum amount of navigation. You may use the CRM module to locate and view existing customer and contact information, and to create new customer and contact records. You may also use the module to access current sales order and invoice status and history.

The CRM module allows you to create new quotes and sales orders, to edit existing quotes and sales orders, and to create and process opportunity, incident and action records for your customers and contacts. In addition, you can use the module to define, create and process scripts for profiling your customers, to look up inventory availability and pricing, and to view and set up special pricing records for particular customer/item combinations.

Customizable and Flexible

The CRM Module makes use of customizable multi-parameter browses and standard selection lists. These powerful interfaces allow you to display and search the records in your database in several different ways. The CRM Module also contains many panel based programs that are used for creating and maintaining “master“ data records.

These master programs contain a large variety of fields for tracking and organizing information about the individuals and companies that you do business with, and they give you complete control of the data that is critical to your business success. Validation tables and custom fields can be created or assigned as the need arises, and modified as required to meet your business needs. Standard customer and contact information can be defaulted into new records and security can be controlled at the field level on a group or user basis. Text information or ”comments“ can easily be attached to all types of database information and automatically retrieved with a minimum of keystrokes.

As you select customers and contacts in the CRM system, all related information for the entities are available to you - open and closed sales orders, quotes, invoices, marketing information, questionnaire information, notes, statistics and pricing information. Entering an order or checking inventory status can be done with a quick click in one integrated application. In short, CRM allows you to do business in the 21st century, quickly, efficiently, collaboratively, and profitably.

You can look good to your customers, your customers can get what they need, and these customers will keep coming back to you due to the service level you can provide with this application.

  • Track Opportunities
  • Invoice Lookup
  • Contact Management
  • Quote Management
  • Sales Order Entry and Management
  • Incident/Action System
  • Track Shipments
  • Recurring Entries
  • Digital Document Support on all records
  • Extensive Note Files
  • Outlook Interface
  • Invoice Status and Lookup
  • Returns Lookup
  • Special Pricing and Buying Group Maintenance
  • Catalog Look Up

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM:

"CRM" is part of the Stream V Single User line of products, developed by Cove Systems.

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