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Real-time Interface with G/L

The Accounts Payable module is one of the two pillars on which the General Ledger stands. This module feeds the General Ledger with subsidiary information needed to complete the liability and expense sections of the balance sheet and income statement, providing a complete financial of the company.

On-line A/P Management

The Accounts Payable module will allow more efficient management of cash, better control of your expenses, more accurate information, and reduce the manpower required to process your accounts payable activity. Ease of entering Accounts Payable invoices is the hallmark of this module. Single or multiple partial payments and accruals are easily set up, including future payment and amortization dates.

Using the simplest and most efficient mechanism in the industry for choosing which invoices to select for payment, the A/P module increases the productivity of any accounts payable department. Based on easy-to-set parameters, payment dates may be automatically assigned, manually entered, or combinations of both, during A/P invoice entry. Payment and due dates may be automatically calculated based on the invoice date, payment terms, and vendor, as well as company policy.

  • 3 Way Matching of A/P Invoices
  • Multi-Divisional
  • Multi-Currency
  • Auto Pay Feature
  • Auto Discount Calculation
  • Project Enabled
  • Drill Down Inquiries in all modules
  • Recurring Distributions
  • Digital Document Support on all records
  • Real Time G/L Journal Posting
  • On-Line Inquiry
  • Manual Checks
  • Single or Multiple Partial Payments
  • Assignment of Invoices
  • Trade and Expense Vendors

Other Applications

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the Stream V Single User line of products, developed by Cove Systems.

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