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Stream V™ is the most complete Enterprise system available for today’s midmarket distributors, resellers, retailers, and discrete manufacturers. Designed, developed and supported by Cove Systems, Inc., this fully integrated, automated, on-line/real-time system is the competitive edge needed to guarantee your company’s success in today’s market place.

The Accounting Modules are the financial backbone for a complete Brick & Mortar and integrated e-Business solution. They provide seamless integration, comprehensive drill downs, and quick and easy access to all your financial information.

The “Opportunity Management System” in conjunction with the fully integrated CRM system, allows you to track and process sales opportunities in an efficient and intuitive manner. Opportunity records are created to record and describe sales prospects for new or established customers or contacts. Action records are then created from, and linked to, the opportunity records to identify and track the tasks that need to be completed as each opportunity is pursued.

The e-Business components let you efficiently reach out to customers and suppliers around the world - and around the clock. It delivers the latest in tools for building customer loyalty, generating new sales, reducing costs and making your company more efficient in an Internet-enabled world. Secure Internet Interface is best of breed.

Logistics: Purchasing, Vendor Shipment, Inventory Control, Lot and Serial # control, Warehouse Management, Integrated UPS, FEDEX,and Airborne shipping, Receiving, Fulfillment Services; Getting the order is only part of the solution, your goods and services must be where they are needed, when they are needed.

Stream V™ is the system to increase the productivity of everyone in your company by providing the tools and information they need, quickly and easily. It completely automates all your CRM, Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, Shipping, Returns, E-Commerce and Manufacturing operations!

The software is completely seamless and extremely feature rich. With sophisticated system control parameters built-in, it can be fine-tuned to your business without requiring extensive custom programming. When you purchase Stream V™ you purchase a solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of your company today, and tomorrow. Stream V™ is currently in use worldwide in companies with up to 500 simultaneous users.

Product Lines

  • Stream II

    A full ERP system designed by Cove Systems.

    0 reviews
    • Stream POS

      A point of sale application designed by Cove Systems.

      0 reviews
      • Stream V

        A multi-module management system designed by Cove Systems.

        0 reviews
        • Stream V Single User

          A full ERP system designed by Cove Systems.

          0 reviews

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