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Covalent Risks gets your staff actually managing risks by progressing mitigation actions and adjusting internal controls.

Covalent Risks offers a superior way to manage risks, replacing inflexible spreadsheets and Word documents. Instead, information is maintained centrally and risks that should be getting the most attention are easily identifiable.

  • Get everyone using a consistent scoring method. Staff will understand the process better and will have a tool to bring risk management into their day-to-day work. Covalent’s two dimensional matrix mapping Likelihood of risk occurrence and risk Impact means you’ll be able to compare risk profiles across the organisation.
  • Identify the issues at-a-glance. Your risk registers will come to life with traffic-lighting and exception reporting focusing people’s attention on areas of concern. Everyone will have immediate one-click access to risks they’re responsible for, with exception reporting to highlight risks’ status.
  • Monitor effectiveness of Internal Controls. You’ll be able to assess the internal controls that have been put in place with supporting information (such as risk profile, risk factors, assessment record or potential effect) just one-click away.
  • Proactively manage risks, with regular reassessments. Put an end to chasing people for updates by phone or personal email and save massive effort and time. Covalent constantly tracks against due dates and emails staff reminders when a risk is due for re-assessment, or alerts when things change that they need to know about.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Covalent Risks:

"Covalent Risks" is part of the Covalent Performance Management Suite line of products, developed by Covalent Software Ltd..