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Covalent Reports contains a vast library of predefined templates, and an ad-hoc report generation tool to custom build new reports.

Reports can be viewed online, distributed electronically to colleagues, exported into other desktop systems or printed in hard copy. Output formats supported are XML, HTML, PDF, Rich Text and CSV format. Using these formats, data can be exported into predefined templates (such as those required for statutory returns) or can be exported to other applications like Microsoft Excel or Word for further data manipulation if required.

Report creation and generation is all .point-and-click. with no coding required. Wizards guide users through the process of creating customised reports from templates using a parameter.driven, point-and-click approach, whereby users select from drop down lists what query they want to run and what they want to show on the report.

The report Query window allows the user to select performance information that matches very specific filter criteria and to then include only results that match those filters.

Report Dossiers allow you to combine a range of individual reports in a sequenced whole mixing report types such as Actions, KPIs and Risks. Additionally, you can incorporate any non-Covalent report document into the Dossier - such as an image file, or a Word/Excel file . and print that in one go with the Covalent reports.

The Covalent Report Layout Editor offers the user total control over colour, fonts and report layout. You use drag & drop to add things to the report layout or move them around to reposition on the page. You can also specify what profile information is included such as organisation logo, header, pagination and various other elements.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Covalent Reporting:

"Covalent Reporting" is part of the Covalent Performance Management Suite line of products, developed by Covalent Software Ltd..