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Covalent Models Inspection Management software ensures regulatory compliance, alerting you to low- scoring areas and eliminating the hassle of gathering supporting evidence for regulatory inspectors.

Models is pre-loaded with a host of public sector-specific and other popular Performance Management frameworks (e.g. EFQM, BSC, IiP). Each contains the model structure, Key Lines Of Enquiry (KLOEs), key questions with all the supporting statutory guidance and background information.

  • Make sure you’re complying with the statutory framework. As they work through a self-assessment, staff will have one-click access to guidance notes to direct them towards an appropriate score, based on what inspectors are looking for. Let Covalent deal with the hassle of structuring the process and maintaining all the supporting guidance, in line with any changes made by the regulatory body.
  • Ensure a consistent approach across the organisation. Now you can be sure everyone will complete the assessments in the right way, with Covalent presenting questions in an easy-to-access, structured format, in line with the published guidance. By assigning individual KLOEs or questions to particular users, you spread the admin load that usually goes with completing these assessments, which saves massive time when you need to pull it all together.
  • Take action where you need to, whilst there’s still time. Well in advance of the actual inspection, Covalent will alert you to any problem areas that may impact on your ultimate score. Covalent gives you a traffic-lighted view of the entire model and highlights at-a-glance those lower scoring criteria (red or amber) that merit further attention. You can also track how improvements are coming through by undertaking multiple assessments and comparing Scorecards at different times.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Covalent Models:

"Covalent Models" is part of the Covalent Performance Management Suite line of products, developed by Covalent Software Ltd..