Is Covalent Performance Management Suite right for your business?

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Covalent KPIs drives performance improvements on the metrics that govern your strategy’s success.

Covalent manages all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you have defined as critical performance drivers of your strategy’s success. Each KPI is mapped to one (or more) strategic and operational objective. As results are recorded against target performance levels for each time period, the KPI gauges are traffic-lighted so you can quickly identify any problem areas. With one click you can drill down to more information, assign a corrective action or run an exception report.

  • Focus on the measures that need attention. Gauges, graphs, traffic-lighting and trend icons will bring your data to life, making it understandable ‘at-a-glance’ so you can quickly zoom into the problem areas (if any!). With a couple of clicks you could drill down to more information, assign a corrective action or run an exception report.
  • Make more informed decisions with the full picture. Touch-of-a-button status updates, on screen or on printed reports, quickly show all you need to know. You’ll be able to pick-out patterns over time with trend charting, look forward at future performance against target or benchmark against a similar profile organisation.
  • Proactively manage performance to take action where needed. You won’t have to wade through pages of data to find those few things that should be demanding all the attention. Covalent constantly tracks performance against targets and emails you alerts when things change that you need to know about.

Covalent GPM (Geographic Performance Maps) allows you to examine performance data on a geographic basis. It takes data results for PIs set up in Covalent and displays them in a map layer corresponding to the organisation.s boundaries. Covalent’s unique approach, using SVG files, means you don’t even need to have GIS software to use this module.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Covalent KPIs:

"Covalent KPIs" is part of the Covalent Performance Management Suite line of products, developed by Covalent Software Ltd..