Is Coupa eProcurement Enterprise right for your business?

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Coupa eProcurement Enterprise is a world-class purchasing system that is simple to use and affordable to buy. It allows organizations to automate manual procedures as well as maintain an electronic record of all purchases.

Encompassing requisitions, approvals, purchasing, RFQ’s and quotations, receiving, budgeting, and e-invoicing, Coupa eProcurement Enterprise helps companies control employee spending while streamlining and automating the procure-to-pay business flow.

Succeed At Making Requisitioning Simple For Employees

Using Coupa eProcurement Enterprise employees can easily request the goods and services they need to get their work done. The system automatically determines the approval workflow according to rules you specify. Employees can request one-time items, fill out web forms for detailed requests, and can also buy via searching supplier catalogs or by connecting to an online supplier store. Managers can process approval requests from within Coupa eProcurement, through their email system, or via their PDA. Once approved, requisitions are automatically converted into purchase orders and routed, via email, to suppliers. Employees can optionally specify receipts when goods or services are supplied. The system also supports centralized receiving where dedicated personnel record receipt of goods on behalf of the company.

Gain Increased Control Over Employee Spending

With Coupa eProcurement, Purchasing Managers gain increased control over employee spending. In addition to ensuring approval policies are being followed, Coupa eProcurement provides an auditable record of all purchases. Optionally, Coupa can track spending against pre-set budgets across company-defined budget periods (such as quarterly or yearly). Using Coupa eProcurement, Purchasing Managers can build dynamic reports tracking spending by supplier, by employee or group, by budget, or by accounting codes. All reports can be exported directly to Excel for detailed analysis. And because Coupa automates purchasing, personnel can immediately begin spending more time on strategic activity.

Request Price Quotes From Suppliers

Coupa eProcurement Enterprise enables purchasing managers to automatically convert one-time requests from employees into a formal Request for Quotation document (or RFQ). RFQs can also be created directly. Once an RFQ is saved it can be directed to suppliers via email or printed and faxed. Suppliers then respond with pricing, which the purchasing manager can record as Quotations. An approved quotation can then become approved contract pricing or a purchase order.

Capture Complex Requests With Web Forms

Not all employee requests are as straightforward as office supplies or other catalog items. These non-standard requests typically tie a purchasing system in knots and lead to manual workarounds, paper, phone calls, and time. Not so with Coupa eProcurement Enterprise! Buyers simply create fully configurable, dynamic Web Forms to capture all the information the business needs. No IT resources required.

Simply Integrate To Accounting

Coupa eProcurement can connect to most popular accounting packages. Customers can elect to use Coupa eProcurement’s e-Invoicing module to quickly “flip” PO’s into invoices, approve them, and mark them for payment. Approved invoices are then batch-sent via a flatfile to the accounting system for payment. Alternately, Coupa eProcurement can pass purchase order and receipt information to accounting, and let the 2- and 3-way matching happen there. With Coupa, the choice is yours.

Choose A Best-In-Class System

Coupa eProcurement Enterprise contains many unique capabilities not available in other purchasing systems. While the complete list is too long too include here, here are several examples:

  • No-click requisitions – In addition to creating requisitions normally, only Coupa allows employees to create requisitions directly from their email system without ever logging in
  • One step checkout – Only Coupa presents a simple one-page checkout screen showing all requested goods and services, shipping, accounting, and justification information
  • How to buy policies – Only Coupa lets purchasing managers embed rich text documents explaining category-specific purchasing policies directly into the application so employees know what to do

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Coupa eProcurement Enterprise:

"Coupa eProcurement Enterprise" is part of the Coupa eProcurement Enterprise line of products, developed by Coupa Software.