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DENALI’s Inventory module manages and tracks products and services and maintains detailed records of items you purchase and sell. With several tracking, pricing, and grouping options to meet the needs of your business, the Inventory module can help identify sales trends and inventory movement to prevent lost revenue. See our Multi-location Inventory add-on for inventory control in multiple locations.

Because all DENALI modules are integrated, there’s no need to enter the same data twice. Click here to learn more about DENALI modules, packages, and add-ons.

Inventory Reports

Stock Quantity Reports

  • Quick Stock List - Shows a complete list of all stock items in Inventory.
  • Stock Labels - Print stock labels directly on readily-available label stock for any or all inventory items.
  • Master Stock Report - Shows all information from the Master table for the selected stock items.
  • Physical Count Worksheet - Shows the quantity on hand for selected inventory so you can note any discrepancies between physical and DENALI counts.
  • On Hand Report - Provides cost and quantity information about all inventory on hand.
  • Understock Report - Shows the minimum acceptable levels of inventory and the required quantities needed to return inventory to the predetermined levels.
  • Overstock Report - Shows maximum acceptable levels of inventory and the quantity by which an inventory item exceeds this level.
  • On Order Report - Shows the last order date and quantity on order for all items.
  • Back Order Report - Shows the quantities on order and back order for all items.
  • Kit Reports - Indicates how many of each component is required to build a specified number of kits, how many kits can be assembled with the components on hand, and what each kit costs to assemble.

Stock Value Reports

  • Price Book Report - Shows both the quantity on hand and the various pricing breaks for each inventory stock item.
  • Stock Value Report - Reads the cost and quantity information for each stock item and shows a total dollar value of inventory for the current period.
  • Control Report - Shows the total number of items on hand and the book value of each of those items for all Inventory Codes.

Transaction Reports

  • History Report - Shows a brief history of each stock item you carry.
  • Movement Report - Provides an indication of how fast inventory items are selling.
  • Monthly Movement Report - Allows you to monitor your inventory movement on a monthly basis to gain insight into what is selling.
  • Promotional Sales Report- Allows you to evaluate your special sales promotions.

Inventory Add-Ons

Multi-location Inventory - Track inventory in your back room, mobile units, across the street, or across the country with Multi-Location Inventory. Use this enhancement to establish locations for your stock items and print reports to track your items and sales by location.

BarTender Label Generator - Cougar Mountain has partnered with Seagull Scientific, Inc. to bring you BarTender® Label Software, an integrated bar code customization tool that gives you total control over the layout, design, and appearance of your stock item bar codes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Denali Business+Accounting line of products, developed by Cougar Mountain Software.

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